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(This piece was originally published on my Substack The Daily Draft with Zac Small, a new resource where I’m creating content that goes beyond the scope of Masculinity, Marriage, Fatherhood, and Sobriety which I’m keeping on here)

You are who you’ve been looking for.

Right now, everyone is searching for someone to believe in; I’m writing this to shine a light into the dark recesses of your mind and subconscious to show it’s within you that the someone you’re looking for can be found.

  1. There are literal wars going on, and some people are working on getting the United States involved; we want nothing more than for a “General Patton” to let us know there’s a Warrior in charge who knows what he’s doing and is leading the way, so we’re all going to be okay.
  2. There’s a recession falling upon the American people, and all we want is to look in the newspaper or at the television and see someone say; we’ve got this covered; we’re going to make it – together.
  3. There are riots, racism, distorted sexuality, and violence everywhere we turn, this is not the world we expected for ourselves or our children, and all we want is to see a champion rise from these ashes with a light so bright it blinds the evil and returns the world to a state of normalcy and peace…

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It’s Important to Have Hope (I of II)

In each example, we’re maintaining hope, but that hope is diminishing, and thus, Part II of ‘Have Hope’ had to be written; the little hope you have will continue to fade as you realize each day that there are no superheroes coming to save the day, Marvel makes movies, and those heroes on the big screen, they aren’t real. The change we desire will only be found when we see that it’s dedication required, not distractions needed.

The only hope we can guarantee is that which we manifest into existence through actions of our own:

  • Who told us to stop believing we were the hero?
  • What will it take for us to find that power inside of us?
  • When did we hang up our cape?
  • Where are heroes found if not within the chest of regular men and women?
  • Why do we look to others in our time of need?

There’s hope to make it out of this chaos, and that hope is closer than ever, but you’re going to have to make an intentional choice to grab it. Like having the keys to your prison cell in your hand, to be free from the walls which are closing in, you have to get up, unlock the door, and walk through it to freedom.

Recent events in life may have knocked your confidence, positivity, and patience down a few pegs. It may have also dimmed the light within you and blocked the bright hope you once saw in the future for you and your children – to that, I say, get up.

Take another chance; this time, place your bets on you.

Don’t look to any politician or celebrity to come in and change things for the better; don’t look to the news, TV shows, movies, or books for the solution to be shared.

Everyone else has failed, and yet you’re still here, maybe down and a little beat up mentally, but you’re still here, and now it’s time for you to place all of your chips on you – we’re going all in on us making this thing work, and we’re going to collect our winnings once we do. Take a moment to reflect on the fact that everything which has been lobbed your way in life thus far has been unable to break you. Do you ever spend time thinking about that? You’ve faced immense challenges over the years, and here you stand thinking you aren’t strong enough or things will never work out, yet you’re the tough one who’s still pushing forward – you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t, so give yourself some credit.

You’re Going to Make It

I don’t believe in fairytales; they’re great stories with life lessons, but the Fairy God-Mother won’t be floating down to give you a carriage made from a pumpkin any time soon, and waiting for that to happen is a waste of time, energy, and in the end, it sets you up for a brutal fall as you’ll be (once again) disappointed at the lack delivery.

This time, you are going to make a dream come true, and you are going to make it to the point where you see the light in the future again; you’ll do this through manifesting it within yourself.

Nobody is coming to save any of us.

That’s not meant to be another weight dropped on those shoulders already carrying the baggage of the world; it may come across as a negative, but that statement is the most liberating message one can receive; it’s your permission to prioritize yourself as it’s the one phrase which gives you expressed permission to look within and believe, “If they’re not going to save me, then maybe it’s on me to save me”, and it’s here we must focus our attention.

The hope for the future is found within the possibility of viewing ourselves as powerful enough to detach from this vicious cycle of amplified negativity. I have hope that you can find this strength, and if you do, there’s hope for you to create a greater future than the present, and the growth experienced as a result of this self-ownership will be you saving yourself and heading forward believing you’re worth the effort and are strong enough to face anything which challenges you in the future.

Until you believe you’re strong enough to survive without the hate of the world in your life, you’ll forever hate yourself and others for their lack of doing the work for you. Letting go is okay; you don’t need the world; you need yourself and your loved ones. Whether any country continues to exist or is nuked off this planet, it makes no difference in the grand scheme of your life because you won’t be worried about Russia or Ukraine when you’re gasping for another breath and fighting for another moment of life. All that will matter at the end of your days is your friends and your family.

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You have access, time, and the energy to be with your loved ones now; become your hero and save yourself from the distractions so you can make more memories with the real priorities, those you choose to focus on and not those you’ve been told were to be placed at the forefront of your mind. I work one-on-one with men and women who need to recalibrate what their time and money are being spent on because they find themselves caught in the cycle of mainstream manipulation. You choose who gets your time and what it is you find value in, not singers, actresses, or influencers – you.

This is all intentional;

you’ve been straight up lied to and convinced by people who want to control you that you need to prioritize them, and to that, I’m throwing the “BULLSHIT FLAG.

I don’t watch the news, I don’t have cable, I don’t care about celebrity gossip, and I’m aware but unaffected by the political moves playing out. Do you think this has negatively impacted my family or I?


Nobody can offer you what you need; nobody but you.

Your only hope to reclaim control over your life – control which will offer you a sense of hope that it will be okay is you; that requires you to withdraw from the rat race you’re currently in.

Below I’ll share a few examples and different ways to approach this; keep in mind that what actions you need to take are going to be unique to you, so the best I can do is share my view, advice, and suggestions in a broad manner for you to take and hone in on your specific situation.

Unlocking the Hero Within

Always remember, even the darkest nights will end; when you face that eternal abyss without a flicker of light, the sunrise will be glorious. This darkness within your mind will end, and the warmth of the shining hope you find again will blanket your soul and elevate you to new heights, but this experience is one reserved only for those who don’t lose the pursuit and protection of hope.

The best way to save yourself is to take an inventory of what you’re lacking in life.

Let’s take a quick look at 10 concerns individuals have shared with me recently and how to go about negating their effects and weight on you as you may share some of the same, remember though, that this is a list that you could fill with all of your specific fears; my recommended solution may surprise you as I’m not as loquacious in solving problems, I want to help work towards a solution, not discuss the issues ad nauseam:

  1. We’re all going to be poor.
  2. The school system is broken.
  3. Celebrities aren’t great role models.
  4. We’re going to all Nuke one another.
  5. They’re going after children’s sexuality.
  6. There are chemicals in all food and drink.
  7. The government is inconsistent and gives preferential treatment.
  8. We have broken supply chains, electrical grids, dirty water, and an overwhelmed police force.
  9. The United States Military is being hollowed out as those who refuse to “just follow orders” are being removed from the ranks.
  10. The stress keeps mounting without giving any reprieve; every day, it gets worse.

Before I answer, I’d like to share this quote.

You’ve most likely read it or heard it somewhere before, but I’ll assume it wasn’t in the context of being your only hero and looking in the mirror to see who is needed to keep hope alive.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
― Ronald Reagan

Look at the list of those 10 things above, then look at President Reagan’s message here; Do you see that no matter how long that list is, the end result is the same?

You must save yourself and defend the standard of freedom you know we deserve as American citizens. Nobody is going to fight for your freedom as hard as you will if you choose to at all. As a parent, I don’t see how you think you even have a choice; once you brought that life into the world, you took on the responsibility for protecting and, if necessary, attacking on its behalf.

My answer to each of those individual complaints is a broad, yeah, so what are you going to do about it?

They want you hungry, poor, poisoned, fat, drunk, and 100% dependent upon the system. Not to mention, they want your children as soon as they can get their hands on them and the chemicals in them – the earlier, the better. Listen, the only response here is for you to fight for the hope you are looking for out in the world; there’s hope for your marriage, children, friends, and family if you’re willing to take the actions needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Right now, you should be looking at where your money is and if it’s protected, and the same goes for food, your physique, your children, and everything else you love. Show your love by becoming that hero I mentioned earlier, be the one who saves the day. Make sure you’re raising your children in a peaceful and connected home, don’t be a tyrant or hypocrite who sets them up to blindly obey evil authority. Be the one who is raw and real, dealing with whatever issues may have developed since 2020 in the marriage and getting on the same page with your spouse, with no scoreboard against each other but a “us vs the world” approach.

Watch how this mindset shift sets you up to enjoy the “collapse” people are running from. Also, watch how you can’t relate to anyone who says, “We’re in hard times, so now it’s time to do the work” because I wasn’t there for the easy times; I’ve been busting my ass since I started writing in 2015 and since I went pretty much full-time online in 2019. The whole, “Strong men create good times, which create weak men, which create hard times”, is bullshit.

Only weak men got soft in good times, and only evil people go out of their way to capitalize on vulnerabilities and target children while working to destroy the family unit and individual freedoms of others.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are nothing more than a pawn to be acted upon by society. They don’t get to dictate your terms, and they sure don’t get to tell you that strong men somehow create an unavoidable cycle of chaos. The world we live in is a product of weak people, evil people, and to a degree, strong people who aren’t paying attention.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter as we are here and now, which leads us to the point made at the beginning of Part I “For you to find the ability to walk the mental path of hope, one which has you believing this walk through life is leading somewhere worth going – you have to integrate yourself into life, nature, people, experiences, and exposure.” the issues we are facing are real and the only way you can unplug from the distractions and put more time and energy towards building your hope is to get up and get yourself more integrated into the world.

You don’t need more news or resources to make you aware; you’re already aware of what you need, and everything added on top is fluff. Time spent with your spouse, children, and friends is a better use of your time and will impact the future in a brighter way than anything worrying could ever offer. Getting yourself in the gym, prioritizing health, and making it a point to have a mind filled with peace and clarity will be the example needed for those around you and those following you. The anger, fear, resentment, and disappointment will find ways to manifest in physical health issues and mental health problems, and worst of all, it’ll result in nothing.

Worrying does nothing but hurt you, so let it go and take a more stoic approach to life so you can get back to living and not waiting for the hero to arrive. The hero is here, inside you; all you need to do is let that light shine, and everything will change for the better, not in the world, but in your world, and that’s the only one that matters to you.

Your life is yours to live and what you want from it is on you to manifest.

– Zac Small

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