Learning How to Relax

There’s quite a bit going on in the world and if you’re trying to keep up with it all, you’re going to stressed real quick and completely burnt-out shortly thereafter.

The solution to this is simple, yet executing it isn’t easy.

You have to stop caring about everything and start being more selective with who and what gets your time and attention which is exactly what I’m talking about below.

You have to stop caring about everything

The easiest way to stop caring about everything going on in the world is for you to find something which is so important to you that it pulls your time and attention away from other things.

This is not about giving up watching television or scrolling on the computer, it’s about having something in your life which keeps you from doing those things in the first place.

For me, it’s:

  • My Family
  • My Writing
  • The Fraternity of Excellence.

I’m so focused on these things that there’s no way I could spend hours watching television or raging about that day’s hit piece.

In fact, I recently recorded a podcast with Jack Donovan and in it we hit on exactly this, men can’t perform their duty of maintain order in the chaos if they’re in the cycle of perpetual anger without progress.

You need to make the things you care about a higher priority, to the point where they pull you way from the nonsense on the screen.

You’re failing as a husband, father, and man if you’re spending more time scrolling your phone and electronics each day than you are engaging with your family.

From fighting feminism and Gillette to Biden and Trans-Gender Issues to GameStop and RobinHood I’ve watched men go from thing, to thing, to thing without missing a beat, yet at no point have they built or developed anything of substance within their lives.

This is how years pass and you have no idea where they went…

You can’t care about everything happening in the world, nor should you want to. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that what we’re seeing are the negative results of the grand experiment we’re all a part of.

What happens when you give the human brain 24/7 access to infinite distractions and knowledge.

The answer?

People become binary, they think in extremes and find themselves hooked in this world of outrage and updates, feeling like they’re part of a collective yet living lives that are more isolated than ever before.

It is not healthy.

It is not acceptable.

It is going to rob you of memories and moments where life purpose and satisfaction would otherwise have been experienced and cultivated.

You’re setting yourself up for a deathbed filled with regrets and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

How to stop caring about everything

If there’s nothing happening in your life, then of course you’re going to fill the void with whatever is available and what’s readily available is out-rage, clickbait, and division.

Just like junk-food if that’s what you’re mentally snacking on then your mind is going to get weak and soft, ultimately it’ll get sick.

You are what you eat, right?

You need to replace the mental garbage with healthier “snacks“.

  1. Go on more walks
  2. Watch more nature documentaries
  3. Listen to audiobooks instead of the radio
  4. Immerse yourself in a good (Fiction) book
  5. Spend more time doing “nothing” like playing catch with your kid

You have to get your mind off the nonsense and on you. That means learning to focus on your breathing, your sensations (like feeling hot/cold), and learning to dial in your stimulations.

You’ll likely go through withdrawals if you’ve been “plugged in” long enough.

Trust me, sobriety from the psychosis is worth it.

You need to get away from the updates, new flashes, and “just ins“; treat it as though your life depends on it, because it does.


Zachary Small

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