Married Red Pill Reinvention – Podcast with Adam Lane Smith

Married Red Pill Reinvention

Swallowing the red pill changes a man’s life.

A man takes the pill, swallows hard, and after years of living his life under false pretenses regarding the nature of women and how to best interact with them to achieve the outcomes he desires, he’s finally armed with the lens that allows him to view reality for what it is.

For the single man to reinvent himself with this newfound knowledge he needs simply to cut ties with the women who’ve friend-zoned him for being a beta orbiter, begin working on increasing his sexual market value, and move on to pursuing relationships with new women, firmly ensconcing himself as the alpha prize in the relationship from the outset.

The married man finds himself in a more precarious predicament.

After entrenching himself as a supplicating beta over a number of years, reversing that kind of damage and reinventing himself as the alpha in the eyes of his wife is a formidable challenge.

He’s not in a position to simply cut ties and start over with someone new. There’s more at stake for him than the single guy whose only real concern is the potential for hurt feelings and the temporary discomfort that comes with a change in social scenery.

Starting over for the married man means losing a significant portion of his monetary autonomy and relinquishing parental influence to the mother of his kids.

Truth be told, most married men who swallow the red pill would rather avoid these consequences, stay true to the marriage commitment they’ve made, reestablish themselves as strong leaders in the home, and get their wife’s sexual best.

But how do they do it? Can it even be done?

And, if it is possible, how long will it take for the wife to begin responding to his newly galvanized frame?

These are questions my guest and I tackle in today’s episode of The Family Alpha Podcast.

Enter Adam Lane SmithAdam Lane Smith

Adam is a Psychotherapist who has counseled numerous men in rocky marriages seeking to break the mold and reclaim their role of masculine leader in the home.

Many of the men Adam counsels are suffering from the consequences of years steeped in a blue pill beta framework they’ve been conditioned with from the time they were children.

Adam is a brother in The Fraternity of Excellence. Inside the walls of the fraternity I’ve had the opportunity to witness first-hand the advice he provides to men looking to upgrade their marriages and improve the sexual desire they’re receiving from their wives.

He has a penchant for articulating what it takes for a man to reinvent himself in marriage after being red-pilled, and he does it in a way that breaks the problems and their solutions down into digestible, actionable parcels of wisdom.

Even more important is the way Adam connects his philosophies of applying the red pill in marriage to the way men and women are intrinsically designed to respond to the stimulus of interacting with the opposite sex.

This quality of his is evident throughout today’s podcast. Here are the highlights of our discussion.

Show Highlights

  • The consequences blue pill betas face in marriage
  • The most important thing newly red pill men must do to reinvent themselves in marriage
  • Why a domineering approach to reestablishing leadership as a husband doesn’t work
  • How a wife’s hypergamous nature reacts to a vacuum of leadership in the home
  • The biggest mistake guys make when trying to get more sex from their wives
  • The fundamental differences between male and female sexuality
  • What masculine qualities drive a woman’s sexual desire with the greatest intensity
  • Why modern men are becoming beta at such an alarming rate
  • The purpose behind the compliance tests issued by women (i.e. shit tests)
  • Communication tactics to get what you want from your wife and marriage
  • Why a man showing vulnerability in marriage isn’t always bad
  • Why compliance tests increase in frequency and intensity when a man begins to take personal responsibility and starts improving himself
  • What frame is and why it’s so important for a married man’s red pill reinvention of himself

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