Your son is your heir, that doesn’t make your daughter the spare.

What are you going to do? Shoot a teen?

This is part two of a seven part series.

The Order:

  1. Son
  2. Daughter
  3. Wife
  4. Finances
  5. Home
  6. Tradition
  7. Country

There seems to be a misconception among modern fathers that their daughters are beings who are entirely dependent upon and the responsibility of their wife.

They view their son as their heir and their daughter as the spare.

I’d love to personally throat punch each one of these men as they are doing a disservice to their daughter by stunting her development to womanhood.

Craig wrote an article a while back where he states:

“My daughter and oldest child recently turned eight. Along with celebrating the blessing that she is to myself and our family has come the realization that the precious time I have to guide and mold all of my three children is in short supply.”

Considering that today is the day I decided to write about my daughter, I found this opening quote to be quite relevant.

We have too few breaths on this planet to waste a single one. The Time-Vampires in your life such as television, video games, or scrolling on Facebook looking at girls from high school can never be reclaimed and it is a detriment to your daughter that all of your ‘free time’ is dedicated to your son.

Our daughters need us just as much as our sons and it’s past time that men recognize it.

We are not only the example our sons will compare themselves to, we’re also setting the bar from which our daughters will measure other men.

There are 3 types of girls out there:

  1. Girls who have involved masculine fathers. These girls are the ones who want to make daddy proud and are always looking to gain favor and attention from their father through positive achievements and awards. These girls often fall into a more feminine state of being as their father fills his masculine role, allowing the mother to fill her feminine, thus shaping the proper mindset in the daughter as to how men and women are meant to interact
  2. Girls who have weak fathers. These girls develop a sense of command and control over all of the men they bring into their romantic lives. All they know is that their mother had to lead and that their father was an incompetent child who needed constant guidance and leadership from his wife, this taints her view of the masculine and feminine dynamic.
  3. Girls who lack a father figure at all. These girls either become the sluts who are searching for any man to say that they love them and they use their body to get that ‘love’ or they become bitter man-haters who are so desperately wanting a father in their youth, turn cold and become bitter at the world, make their lack of a father a part of their identity.

These girls and young women are heavily impacted from an early age by how their father performs as a man and what role it is he fills in the family unit.

Whether it be man-child, leader, oppressor, or ‘friend’ all fathers have an incredibly deep impact on who their daughter becomes.


  • Be her friend.
  • Be her cheerleader, saying “You Go Girl” accrediting her goals as being something to be accomplished for all women and her failures being blamed on her gender. (See: Dear Daughter)
  • Be the man who is incapable of discussing things such as sex, boys, or life in general because ‘you don’t get her‘ as you aren’t a girl.
  • Tell her that she is a special princess who will be given whatever it is she wants based on her looks alone.
  • Be the father who expects his daughter to think and act like a boy.


  • Be her Shield & Spear. Protect her from the influence of society, advertising, and all of the other pressures she is going to face from the outside world.
  • Raise her on a different, yet fair playing field as your son. She is different than your son so she should be brought up with a unique approach.
  • Let her have fun and be her feminine beautiful self. If she wants to dance in puddles, pick flowers, or sing then rock out with her. Whether it be N’Sync, Moana, or Frozen jam out with your little lady, show her that her dad, the disciplinarian is capable of dancing in the rain as opposed to always hiding from the storm.
  • Teach her to earn everything in this life, too many women expect the world to be handed to them on a platter by their white knight.
  • Instill in her a solid foundation of self-respect which will hold strong when she ventures out into a world which looks to unravel all that is beautiful about a woman.

You have to be able to talk to your girl.

The DADD Bods approaching Type II think these shirts make them tough & respectable.

Question: What will cause your daughter to hide her sexuality, boyfriends, or anything else which is personal to her?

Answer: A dad who wears these types of shirts.

You’ve got to be able to talk to your daughter about anything. You’ve got to make the pathways of communication clearly open to her with a proven track record of being able to handle whatever it is she fires your way.

There are times where you’ve got to send your son outside on his own so you can sit with your daughter and have those difficult discussions, just you and her.

There have been times where I’ve sat down with my daughter then asked my wife and son to leave the room or go outside and she’ll tell me something. My daughter is four but as she grows she will know that I’m here to listen and that what she says to me stays between her and I.

Recent Conversation:

Daughter: Dad, I’m not afraid of monsters.

Me: Oh yeah? Why not?

Daughter: Because you’ll punch them in the face.

Me: You’re right about that little lady.

Daughter: I Love You Daddy.

Me: Love You Too

Fake alphas don’t earn respect.

If you want your daughter to choose the type of guy that you’d like in her life, then you’ve got to set the standard from which they’ll all be measured.

Women, even our daughters, instinctively know how to judge men and whether or not they’re legitimately masculine or putting on a persona.

From birth, women are programmed with the software required to break a man’s frame.

If you aren’t living your mission and authentically following your message,your daughter isn’t going to respect you. If she doesn’t respect you, then she will be bringing home guys who on the surface play the ‘gentlemen’ role well, but as soon as you’re out of sight they’re trashing your name.

The father who threatens to shoot, kill, kidnap, or beat up his daughter’s boyfriends are compromising their integrity.

Fake alphas get Fake respect

Masculine fathers don’t act tough, they are tough and that masculine spirit sends out vibrations which are recognized by all other men. Boyfriends won’t screw around with curfews, rules in the home, or anything of that nature if they are aware, in their soul, that the father of this girl is the real deal and not one to be fucked around with.

You don’t need to threaten with firearms, you need to be able to look this boy in the eye, shake his hand firmly, and let the boundaries be made crystal clear; that’s it.

Your daughter will seek your approval, the boy will be in a position of respect, and everyone will get along splendidly.

Our children will follow our example, not our advice and they’ll perform to the standard we accept, not the one we expect.

You are her father and while you are a man and your daughter is a young woman, she is going to strive to reach the standard you’ve set.

When she sees you lift, read, work, refuse to give up, pursue your mission, etc. you are setting her up for success. Make her a part of your routine, make sure that you are cutting out enough one-on-one time with her as you are your son.

Her development is equally dependent upon you as that of your son. Do not view her as the responsibility of your wife.

Give you daughter the gift of your time, attention, and masculine presence. Enjoy raising her and watch as she becomes a woman capable of great things by going out and seizing the fuck out of this world then hopefully, finding a man whom you view as being worthy of her beauty.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • rugby11 says:

    From birth, women are programmed with the software required to break a man’s frame.
    Our children will follow our example, not our advice and they’ll perform to the standard we accept, not the one we expect.

  • Calvin Hague says:

    I am glad I am not beholden to gender roles. Do what you want.

    • Eat some meat and you might have the balls to speak out against society, Calvin.

      • Methinks a regular weightlifting regimen is probably required as well.

      • Calvin Hague says:

        I know not eating meat will make little difference. Society is what it is. I feel the best policy is to let go and hope society declines. There is no question that humans are evil so antinatalism is the only option. To care about society is to out your happiness in the hands of others.

      • Calvin Hague says:

        I don’t really speak out against society, and this is because there is little difference any one of us can make. Humans are generally a bad influence in the world. As there are more humans in the world there is more oppression, torture, and slavery. The most painless and non violent way to deal with this is antinatalism. Boycott humanity by not breeding. By doing this you are free from the obligation to pay for a child, which results in more freedom and wealth, so it is nature’s way to rewarding you for helping the world.

      • You’ve got one thing right.

        You shouldn’t breed, Calvin. Trust me.

      • Calvin Hague says:

        Don’t worry I will not breed. I don’t think anyone should breed either, so I try to encourage others not to breed. The arguments against breeding I believe are very strong, especially when you consider the damage that humans do not just to other humans but also on the environment, the animals, etc. Then there are the numerous economic arguments. A considerable amount of money can be saved if you do not breed, and you are spared a considerable amount of obligation as well. There is more freedom and more wealth. There are many arguments for being childfree by choice or antinatalist.

      • Calvin Hague says:

        You are just trying to shame me. It is an ad hominem fallacy. Focus on the facts, and the facts are that masculinity is slavery.

        For example, in order to be a real man, you need to buy a big car. Then you waste all your money on petrol.

        To be a real man, you need to have girlfriends, get married and have a family. Then you waste millions of dollars, drown in debt, and enslave yourself to the banking system.

        Why is it that masculinity leads to higher debt, expenses, and slavery? Could it be that those who want to take advantage of you use it to persuade you to willingly enslave yourself?

        I do not care about masculinity. I just do what I want to do.

      • TheFamilyAlpha says:

        Doing *your* thing is masculine.

        Thinking big cars or families is what masculinity is misses the point entirely and falls in line with what society has told you, not what I am saying on this blog.

        Show me ONE instance where I say that masculine men get married, drive big cars, or do anything you mentioned.

      • Calvin Hague says:

        Your whole post is about masculinity. When I talk about marriage, big cars, etc I am referring to what society says, but your post is about how women behave and how men behave eg how masculine fathers are tough and protect their daughters. You are saying this is how a father should behave, etc. If being masculine is doing your thing, then every individual then chooses what is masculine, but your post talks a lot about what is masculine eg what is a fake alpha, etc.

      • TheFamilyAlpha says:

        Masculine men do whatever it is they choose & completely disregard what society expects of them.

        Do your thing, nothing more or less.

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  • Oscar C. says:

    I agree with a lot of what is being said here, but are children really worth it? I am not talking about the financial cost only, but all these worries about their upbringing.

    Since my teenage years I knew I did not want to have them. I keep an open mind because everywhere I go I hear how great they are, but I also used to hear the same noise regarding BP.

    • TheFamilyAlpha says:

      It depends on the man.

      I love coaching, reading to, training, and watching my kids grow. I knew I would from an early age.

      At the same time, the wife and I would have experienced quite a bit more had we not had kids.

      Travel, $$$, freedom, etc.

      There’s a tradeoff.

      • life is all says:

        It’s even more amazing when your kids grow up into successful, happy adults and have their own kids, and you watch as they implement child-rearing approaches you used while they add their own respect-worthy updates. The sense of the continuity of life is overwhelming.

      • TheFamilyAlpha says:

        I’m most excited for this.

        I recognize that my wife and I are not only raising our son & daughter right now, but also our son’s son and daughter’s daughter. The future is looking bright for my clan.

  • life is all says:

    Reading the misanthropy in some of these comments explains much of the collective stupid that surrounds me. “Antinatalism?” (There are not words to articulate how unhinged is such a term or those who use it. Here we are, almost 45 years post-Roe v. Wade, and the anti-life pathology of this society still grows. I sincerely wish those who feel that life is not miraculous would just go away and save a little oxygen for those who understand the real magic of a baby and the real meaning of life.)

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