Orderly Families in Chaotic Times

We’re living in chaotic times.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re experiencing chaos in your life; you decide what personal impact macro events have. For some, the chaotic world has yet to disrupt their inner-life and for others, dealing with lockdowns, working from home, etc. has been absolute hell.

For the men leading wives or children, the delicate balance is especially sensitive because not only do you have to be aware of what’s going on and the impact it’s having on your life but you also have to be cognizant of what is going on in the lives and minds of those you love and are responsible for.

Men are naturally adept to being risk tolerant and confrontational to stressful matters, we’re better at “embracing the suck“; but this isn’t just about us as our wives and children are “in the suck” as well and we have to be the anchored lighthouse shining bright in the dark as the waves incessantly slam against us

As men, husbands, and fathers it is on us to maintain order in the middle of the chaos.

Bringing Peace In The Middle of War

The internet and main-stream media will share on a daily basis that there is a new monster right on the cusp of “getting you“.

Those living lives separated from the electrons and ever running news stories aren’t disappearing, dying, or stressing out…

Why is that?

Those who’ve separated their identity from out-rage culture, clickbait articles, and redundant paranoia have realized, the real world is nowhere near as bad as it’s made out to be.

The best family leaders know this and they exploit it.

The reason neither my wife nor my children have stressed-out about any of the COVID/Corona, election, riots, protests, or lockdowns is because I keep them removed from the electronic poison that’s out there.

  • I am the decider of fact/fiction.
  • I am the filter all stories are run through.
  • I ensure we’re taking the steps necessary to be prepared for any potential disruption to our daily flow.
  • I am responsible for checking that they’re aware and prepared for whatever may be coming down the pipeline.

I don’t allow the world’s problems to become my family’s problem. Whatever is happening at the national and global level rarely has any impact on the life of myself and my family.

Am I aware of what is going on?

Of course, but in what reality is it advantageous for me or my family to be tracking every potential problem which could be faced by every human being all of the time?

It isn’t; because of this, I’ve found myself free from having a stressed out spouse, scared children, a social media account I need to delete content from, or any fear whatsoever of finding myself behind bars.

More importantly, it’s because I’ve remained true to my family and focused on our growth and development that 2019 and 2020 were some of our most productive years.

  1. Mentally
  2. Physically
  3. Personally
  4. Spiritually
  5. Financially

In every way, since Corona began my family has improved in both unity as well as individually.

I don’t say this as a braggart but rather as an example that the message shared is one which I’ve lived and know to be true. Also, it can be replicated…

The world speaks and promotes this ever-changing fear and chaos. Darkness is to be found in every corner of every story and viral event shared across the web.

In my home and life, there is light, connection, positivity, and growth.

You don’t have to dance to the beat of the masses; you can choose to sing and move to the rhythm of a new tune, even if it is in direct conflict to that of everyone around you. Your life is yours and your family is yours, what a shame it would be to give power over yourself and your loved ones to people you don’t even know.

Become the Man in the Arena:

Acta, Non Verba – Deeds, Not Words

It’s easy to say that you’ve had enough of the drama and turmoil that’s being spread daily.

The problem with that mindset? Drama is like a Vampire; you’ve got to invite it into your home.

I’m standing at the front door to my home with a cross in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. I do not have time for the bullshit of the world or the arguing, tears, fear, and unfulfilled apocalypse predictions which come with it.

I refuse to allow that type of behavior to fall onto my family.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard; I don’t hold political debates in my home. I try not to complain or rant about the stupidity of the “safety measures” which have been taken, and I’ve also taken to pretty much not even acknowledging that anything is going on.

Neither Trump nor Biden have any place in my family’s history and we will look upon 2021 and beyond as the year we continued to improve as individuals and thus to continue to grow as a family.

I don’t care who is in the White House because there is nothing I can to change it.

What I can do is position myself and my family to thrive in uncertain times and I can only do that by speaking to the things which matter and acting in accordance with who I am and where I want to go.

I’ve become hyper focused on eliminating all debt from my life, streamlining my website to deliver my best products and writing to those following, and bringing the podcast to the most productive, informational, and consistent tier possible.

I play outside with my kids often, started Muay Thai, and am having a great time with my wife day in and day out.

My family is not beholden to the whims of the next day’s news stories.

2021 can be your greatest year as an individual and with your family if you choose to get yourself and those you lead off out of the loop of perpetual outrage.

I started this piece saying, “We’re living in chaotic times.” I want to be clear, living in a chaotic world doesn’t mean there’s chaos in your world. You are free to be centered and bright in the middle of the darkest unstable abyss.

All you have to do is choose to disregard the garbage out there and act/lead in an orderly fashion.

Keep your cool, do you; let the world do what it does.

Acta Non Verba,

Zachary Small

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