Passing the Torch of Masculinity

Passing the Torch of Masculinity

I can think of no better way to introduce the topic of today’s posting than to quote the sobering words of Ronald Reagan:

Masculinity is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our sons in the bloodstream. It must be fought for and protected. The flame of masculinity must be handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like when men were masculine.

Okay. Maybe this is a loose paraphrase. But the point still stands.

It is up to today’s men – and today’s fathers in particular – to pass down the flame of masculinity to the next generation. It is our responsibility to teach our sons what it means to live a principled and authentic life without shame, fear or compromise.

Yet, we find ourselves within an epoch of time in which fathers are failing to pass down the torch of masculinity to their progeny – and western society is now reeling from the consequences of this dereliction of duty that has been ongoing for decades.

The symptoms of this societal disease will only continue to worsen until men collectively rise up and take responsibility for our culpability in their promulgation.

Every boy is born with innately masculine characteristics: boundless energy, relentless ambition, fearless risk taking, the instinct to inflict calculated physical violence, unfettered loyalty and desire to sacrifice of self for the benefit of his fellow man.

Each of these traits is ingrained in the male human from the moment he’s conceived. To diverge from them comes at the expense of intense consternation that grinds away at the very foundations of his existence.

It’s no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of transgendered individuals, who happen to be males pretending to be females, experience suicidal thoughts at an alarming rate.

This is the result of a soul crying out in agony. Crying out for help.

Help is scarce because men are afraid to break the mold and speak the truth. We’re afraid to live out our masculinity. To do so is to risk being labeled as a sexist, misogynist, mansplaining parasite whose existence is toxic to the world.

Standing up to the incredulous ideas being pushed on us by the femi-nazis and LGBT community can come at a high cost. Men who’ve done so have been doxed, had their reputations stained and their livelihoods stripped from them.

For the masculine man, the cost of living life with full authenticity should be irrelevant.

We must never stand down from speaking truth from our convictions for fear of what others may think, feel or do as a result.

Allowing fear to control our actions is how we’ve come to find ourselves in the present-day crisis of masculinity.

It’s high time that we rise from the ashes and forge a new era in which masculinity is taught, exemplified and valued.

This revolution of masculinity must begin in the home with fathers owning who they are as men and expressing their masculine nature within their own families.

It must also spread from there out into the communities in which we live, work and serve. The application of this truth is the theme of this week’s podcast.

In today’s episode of The Family Alpha Podcast, Hunter and I discuss:

  • Why masculine fathers are so imperative to the development of healthy and vibrant children
  • How men can get involved in the community to spread the seeds of their masculine example
  • The micro and macro consequences of men choosing to repress their authentic masculine nature
  • How the torch of masculinity is being snuffed out
  • What men must do to throw fuel on the dwindling fire of masculinity and pass the blazing flame down to future generations to carry on

Use the media player below to listen to this latest episode of The Family Alpha podcast:

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– Craig

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