Support TFA

I’ve recently decided to add a ‘Donate’ button to the end of all my posts as well as creating this ‘Support’ page. 

I realized that after spending as much time as I do writing for this blog, responding to emails, redditing on TRP & MRP, & Updating Twitter that I needed to have something to show for it.
I’m giving quality content as well as my most limited & prized resource (my time) away for free. For year 1 that as the plan, year 2 I am looking to make some funds to help pay for the book ventures I’ve been taking (editors, cover artists, etc).

I have always said that we need to be extremely careful with who it is we are giving our ‘selves’ to and because of this I have come to the conclusion that I need to start making all of this time I’m dedicating worth it.
I coach my son’s football & baseball team, my daughter’s soccer team, I’m a full time graduate student and full time worker. I’ve been missing sleep & writing posts instead of doing things in my own life because I am very passionate about the subject of masculinity and helping men reclaim their lives.

To be fair I love writing, ultimate goal is to write for a living. When I don’t write I feel the ideas building in my head and the only relief valve to vent the pressure is to write. 

I also truly belive that married men need a voice as the self hate they feel has a cure. I want to help other men reclaim their masculinity & in turn improve the standard of their marriage.

There is no maximum or minimum to what is donated & unlike Patreon, donations do not get you any perks. Eventually I will create a Patreon and add extra perks as incentive, until then I want to see if my words are valuable enough and create enough change in a man’s life that he’ll choose to donate his hard earned cash out of appreciation.

For now, I want to continue to follow my original mission which is helping married men reclaim their masculine nature & ultimately reclaim their lives. 

The more donations I receive the more incentive I have to dedicating time to putting out quality content at a greater frequency.

Again, I wish I was rich enough and had enough free time to do this nonstop without having to add a ‘Donate’ button, but that isn’t the case. 

If I’ve helped improve your ‘self’ and possibly your marriage, decide if that was worth something to you and donate.
For a year I wrote for free, if you feel the need to compensate me for the benefit my posts may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.

Hunter Drew