10 Steps to Being a Self Made Man

Today AJA Cortes was on The Morning Brew.

We spoke of his return to Twitter after being banned as well as what it takes to become a true “Self-Made Man”.

In the show AJA gave 10 Lessons which men need to learn to become their own man, one who’s chiseled himself from stone to be:

  • Confident
  • Competent
  • Capable
Watch to hear AJA and I break each lesson down.

This episode offers immediately actionable advice, several topics discussed inspired me on the spot to adjust the way I’ve been doing things to being more refined and intentional.

The lessons discussed were:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Answers
  3. Be Intentional
  4. Be generous with your time
  5. Have standards
  6. Have a why
  7. Belief in self
  8. Stop bullshitting
  9. Cut the dead weight
  10. Pain tolerance/Persevering/Fortitude

Watch the video to get the total insight to each step, it’s worth your time and if you apply the information it will change your life for the better forever.

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Enjoy the message,

Hunter Drew

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