Skype W/ Hunter

There has been an increasing demand for Skype sessions with the main point being that sometimes talking something out is better than having somebody read a post on the blog. After some consideration, I’ve decided to open Skype up on The Family Alpha.

Keep in mind, I will not be able to Skype at the drop of a hat. I’ve got a wife, two kids, work, school, and all sorts of personal projects going on. I’m going to have to separate myself from them to dedicate 100% of my attention to you.

With that said, I will dedicate the time so long as two conditions are met.

  1. You are serious in your endeavor to reclaim your masculinity. Let’s not Skype so you can complain about an issue, have me provide a possible solution, then you never implement it. That’s a waste of my time and your resources.
  2. You need to match compensation for what it is you are bringing to the table. If you want a 1/2 hr to discuss an issue with sex I’d expect less $$$ than someone who needs an hour to unfuck their life from the onset.

I’m aware that funds may be short and the last thing I want is to turn any men away because they can’t afford to Skype for a few minutes, but my time is valuable and because of that I will run a very stringent selection process on who I choose to Skype with.

I decided against a set time/$$$ as I genuinely want men to succeed and don’t want a few bucks to be the deciding factor between embracing your masculine nature vs struggling along carrying the self-hate and resentment so many have.

If you’d like to Skype I will do it video or audio; start by emailing and we will go from there to schedule a date & time.