Sobriety: Take II

August 28th 2017 I wrote a piece called, “I’ll Pass: Why I No Longer Drink Alcohol“.

It was well received, I had several men reach out offering support, many offered resources, it was pretty humbling.

Here’s the thing, a day or two after publishing it, I went back and edited this part in:

The instances where I do choose to consume alcohol (I know, this contradicts the above statement, hear me out) will be so far and few between I may as well be an entirely sober individual.

A glass of champagne at a wedding or the rare party where it’s balls to the wall, usually with the guy I coach baseball with – that’s it for me.

I gave myself a “fail safe”, a technical Get Out of Jail Free Card.

I cut back my drinking 95%, but part of me was afraid to commit, part of me knew I wasn’t totally done.

That’s over now.

I made the decision a few weeks ago that I was done and would not be drinking in 2019; 100% not a drop for any reason, done.

It’s January 1st, the cliche “go to the gym, no booze, new year new you” rah-rah-rah messages are everywhere and I understand why friends, family, and possibly even you think, “Ok Hunter, sure buddy” that’s cool, I get it.

But I know me and I’m an all in or all out kind of guy and I am all in on sobriety. In fact, I’m in the mindset where I’m angry with myself for allowing it to go on this long.

I don’t have a problem with alcohol, I don’t have a problem with other people drinking alcohol, I have a problem with me drinking alcohol.

So, I decided to finally commit to doing something about it.

I’m halfway through Ed Latimore’s book Sober Letters to my Drunken Self and everything he is hitting on, I’ve lived.

I can tell Ed is an alcoholic (He’s 5 years sober now) because my soul is in the words he’s written, as if he’s watched me from the beginning to now. Everyone who struggles with alcohol has the same story that is unique to them, Ed and I are no different than any other in this boat.

I will be working this day by day, sharing a majority of what I’m going through on The Family Alpha Newsletter. If you are struggling with addiction and want an accountability partner, subscribe and hit me up when I send the emails out.

Day #1 is down, tomorrow morning the battle begins again.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • pdwalker says:

    *clap clap clap*

    If you’ve gone 95% of the way, then the other 5% is just a very small step easily taken.

    The hardest part will be those who offer you a drink and don’t take no for an answer. It will be hard for them to both believe and understand that you are serious. The wise ones will get it soon enough.

    I hope you have an easy time kicking the last of it, and that those near to you understand quickly.

    Cheers! *raises a toast*

  • Jay says:

    Hey, I’ve been down the path a few times but my change in July 2017 was a success. It’s a bitch in the first couple months but you can do it! Hit me up if you want any tips on how to make the conversion stick.

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