I’ll Pass: Why I No Longer Drink Alcohol

I made the decision today that I am no longer drinking booze.

  • I did not get into a drunk fight.
  • I did not get a DUI
  • I did not embarrass myself in public

Nothing major happened at all, except that I realized I am incapable of only having one.

I’m a very highly functioning alcoholic.

I drink almost daily, I have for years now and sometimes it’s until I black out or pass out on the couch watching a show with the wife.

These things are embarrassing to admit, but fuck it I have said from the beginning that The Family Alpha is about authenticity.

I’ve built this site, created a 16k+ Twitter account, coached my son’s Little League baseball team to winning a Championship, run the Fraternity of Excellence with Craig, spoken at Conventions, all of what I’ve done, I’ve done as an alcoholic.

This video was recorded the morning after a night where I blacked out:

Because I worked so hard, I partied harder and that’s where the problem arose, I didn’t have any drunken mistakes to serve as my wake-up call.

Did I do stupid things drunk?

Of course, but nothing of major concern.

It wasn’t until today, while nursing a hangover, that I realized I did not have power over alcohol, it had power over me and that’s a problem.

I’m sharing this with you all because I want the accountability.

Also because I firmly believe that both failures and successes should be shared. We all have our demons, we all have parts of the “self” which need work, for me it was recognizing that alcohol was an empty promise and something I personally do not have control over.

Moderation is not an option, I’m an all in or all out kind of guy with everything I do.

When it comes to alcohol, I’ve decided I’m out.

The instances where I do choose to consume alcohol (I know, this contradicts the above statement, hear me out) will be so far and few between I may as well be an entirely sober individual.

A glass of champagne at a wedding or the rare party where it’s balls to the wall, usually with the guy I coach baseball with – that’s it for me.

You’ll never see me drinking at a 21 Convention, TFA/FoE event, or any social situations in my home life.

I’ll be 98% sober for the rest of my life, booze aren’t worth it.

I’m tired of being tired, it’s time for a change.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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