Stop Justifying Mediocrity

Stop Justifying Mediocrity

Are you a Justifier?

A Justifier is man who’s convinced himself he’s not satisfied with mediocrity, yet is cunningly adept at creating ways to justify doing all the things that mediocre men do.

Do you say you want to build a lean, strong, aesthetic physique, but then use happy hours, weekends, parties, Groundhog Day, and the winter solstice as a means of justifying skipping out on training, eating 3,000 calories of processed crap, or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol?

Do you claim to be tired of working for “the man” and swear that you’ll one day break free and earn your financial independence, while spending your evenings in front of a television screen attempting to live vicariously through the victories complete strangers are achieving on a sports field.

It’s the playoffs, a record is about to be broken, your favorite team is playing their biggest rival…

There’s always something to excuse away your decision to watch other men building their empires instead of using that time to build your own.

Do you have a deep-seeded desire to leave a strong legacy of faith or values with your children that will allow them to thrive in life, yet rarely exemplify it for them or invest time in explaining to them what this looks like?

Are you keenly aware of your responsibility to nurture and guide the lives you’ve had a hand in creating but delegate that responsibility to the church, school system or some other local organization?

Are you tired of not having sex with your wife with the frequency and intensity you desire, while also justifying:

  • why you can’t engage in gaming her via text messages
  • why you can’t begin asserting yourself as a masculine leader in the home
  • why you can’t talk to her in sexually provocative ways
  • why you can’t stop watching porn
  • why you must continue to make her happiness your mission

It’s perfectly normal and healthy to have sex twice a month, right?

No. No, it isn’t.

Cognitive Dissonance is the Modus Operandi of Justifiers

You see, a lot of men today fit the above (and other) justifier descriptions. I pity these men, but it also pisses me off to see the cognitive dissonance they’re engaging in.

This is partly because it pains me to see the importance of applying logic being blatantly disregarded, but mostly it’s due to the recognition of the devastation their justifying tendencies are inviting into their lives.

They say they’re tired of the mediocrity. They usually even have a vision for what they want in life.

These are men who also have at least a modicum of understanding as to what they need to do to build the exceptional life they envision for themselves.

All the pieces for building an exceptional existence are in place.

But when it comes time to put up or shut up, to do what is required to make their vision a reality, they justify away their failure to take right action.

There is always a justification available for a man who is willing to accept failure. If there isn’t an obvious one staring him in the face, he’ll fabricate one.

If you’re living life as a Justifier, you’re a man who is willing to accept failure, and your actions are proof that you don’t actually believe yourself to be worthy of the life you claim to want and deserve.

Justifiers make excuses.

They don’t take the difficult actions necessary to become men of excellence, and they reap the devastating consequences they’ve rightfully earned as a result.

The time to begin working to become great is never perfect, and there’s never a better time than right now to take life by the balls and begin bending it to your will.

Nobody else is going to do it for you, and all of your undesirable circumstances are never going to change until you finally make the decision to change them by your own resolve to act.

Great men aren’t those that are fortunate enough not to face adversity in life.

They’re men who take consistent action despite all the obstacles standing in their way. The challenges are always there, and none of us are exempt.

To justify failure is to concede defeat to all the real and made up obstacles you perceive to be standing in your way.

Weak-willed men – incessant justifiers – will invent obstacles in their minds that don’t even exist, because it will make justifying failure an easier pill to swallow than actually putting in the work necessary to build the life they claim to want for themselves.

It’s true that being the kind of man who goes after what he wants in life isn’t the default today. It’s the exception. The default is to seek out comfort, security and complacency at all cost.

Justifiers Despise the Thought of Doing Hard Things

You may wonder to yourself why you should worry about doing difficult, risky things when you can lay low, take it easy, and have few people (if any) in your life who will expect any different from you?

I’ll tell you why.

You’re a man. You do difficult things to satisfy your masculine spirit.

You do them to actualize your potential. You do them to live a life that is filled with meaning and purpose.

You do them to break the chains of mediocrity that enslave every man who trades his authenticity for conformity.

You don’t get to lay claim to an exemplary life while justifying living to the same set of piss poor standards all the men steeped in mediocrity around you are living to.

If you’re good with the life of a normie, just say it.

Stop with the charade of working to convince yourself and others that you really want better for yourself. You don’t. If you did, you’d be doing what’s necessary to get it, not excusing away your failure.

You’d build an exemplary life by doing what the mediocre aren’t willing to do. You’d get it by refusing to justify the acceptance of failure.

You have the life you deserve; nothing more, nothing less.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your actions prove yourself worthy of the life you believe you ought to have.

If you truly deserve the life you claim to want so badly, you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to attain it.

And, if you aren’t, please do both of us a favor and stop going through life in a state of disillusionment, justifying your perpetual failure, and claiming to be deserving of so much more.

You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.

Craig (@CraigJamesTFA)

Check out more of Craig’s content on his website: Masculine by Design


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