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The Disappointment of Improvement

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  There is an aspect to the development of self which is incredibly frustrating. It's the greatest downside to improvement there is, yet nobody talks about it. When you are taking charge of your life, seeing new gains in the gym, finding new veins on your body, and mentally feeling more joy and clarity than ever before, what could possibly...
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First Time Live: Hunter Drew Speaks at the 21 Convention

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My First Time Live My speech from the 21 Convention recorded last September/October time frame has (finally) been published at 21 University. Before going any further, to those who view the speech, be aware that I swear, a lot. That isn't how I normally speak, rather it was the product of me being extremely nervous. It was my first time on...
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The Trident of Masculinity

By Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business 2 Comments
Authentic masculine expression comes from the harmonization of the three different 'selves' which exist inside each man. These three aspects which comprise every man are: Physical Self Mental Self Spiritual Self Like any tripod these legs are all independent of one another yet are entirely dependent on the supporting strength the other two provide. This is the exact same reason...
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