Baseball & Letting Your Son Become a Man

This year is the first year my son has played “real” baseball. I put real in quotes because he played last year, but it was coach pitch, not player.

It has been something.

We’ve both grown significantly from this and I’d like to share a few of those insights as well as humble-brag a little about my boyo.

My son makes the cutoff for this league by literally one day. He is the youngest(7) kid as well as the smallest, but he’s got the heart of a lion.

I always pay particular attention to how I interact with him regarding his interests. I let him dictate where he chooses to spend his time, the last thing I ever want to do is live vicariously through him like I see some fathers doing.

He decides the sports, the hobbies, etc. I support as best I can.

From the womb, baseball has been his thing. I’ve spent more hours playing catch, pitching, & running drills with him than I can possibly remember or count.

Some days I would open the door of the Jeep after getting home from work and before it closed behind me he’d say, “Hey dad, want to run drills?” and in my tie and slacks, we’d play Line Drive/Pop Fly/Grounder where I’d throw one of the three and yell it right as I did it to throw him off balance.

My wife would have to yell two or three times for us to get our ass in the house for dinner.

Our entire family recognized this, they’d always say, “This kid is going to be something special when he walks onto that field” but you never know until it happens.

This was the first year he walked onto that field alone.

First game he was our leadoff man.

I was first base coach.

Count got up to 3-2





I wanted to tell him it was a great cut and that he swung at a strike and not a ball which I would hope would be consolation, I wanted to yell that he did his best, I wanted to give him a bear hug and tell him that at least he is in the arena; but this is life, he failed to make it this time and dad won’t always be there to make him feel better, he had to let this sink in and decide what he was going to do moving forward.

Because of this, I stood there at first base with my arms across my chest and watched my son walk to the dugout, starting his career with a glorious strikeout.

He struck out his next at bat and this time, I could see the chin quiver as he sat in the dugout. Tears filled his eyes, he refused to look at me across the field.

When our boys took the field for defense I ran to him and told him that he was swinging at strikes and that I was proud of him. He said he was frustrated with himself and felt he was letting the team down.

He was more worried about failing his team than losing the game or embarrassing himself.

My little man was placing his ‘brothers’ before himself, failing them was worse than getting lousy stats.

My man.

He rebounded after that game; it lit a fire in his soul.

Every day he is throwing a ball at the wall and catching it with his glove, pitching into the station I measured out and built in the backyard, or hitting off the tee into a net we have downstairs.

Every. Day.

All of this is on top of team practice as well as his chores, workouts, modern Agoge sessions where he is learning philosophy, mathematics, reading and writing stories, etc.

He doesn’t tire of baseball and I support that.

The day he was called to pitch, my heart was in my throat.

Batting is one thing, he’s a good batter, a great defense-men (2nd basemen/Shortstop) but pitching?

This was his first time throwing at a kid on another team.

I couldn’t stop pacing as he warmed up.

Then the game started.

3 innings pitched (then he hit his max pitch count), 2 runs given up, 4 strikeouts.

He got the Win and the game ball.

This young tiny kid can hang against kids much stronger and taller (some are 4 years older than him.)

He is carving out his place in the world. He is building his own reputation and while doing so, I am fading further and further into the shadows.

He still views me as his hero and he still loves to be tucked into his bed by my wife and I, but the days are limited so I’m immersing in every one.

As fathers, our job is not to view our sons as our chance to ‘do it again’, but rather, to make sure we teach them to do it right. To help them avoid the holes we fell into and to pass the knowledge to them which we wished we had at their age.

I sacrifice my time for him, not in the hopes that he’ll make it to the MLB and I’ll get a kickback. I do it because he is my son, my blood, my heir.

He’ll never understand the sacrifices I’ve made to be his coach, to make time for backyard practice with him, or the money I’ve spent to get him gear instead of the extras I would like.

He will also never understand that the time I’ve shared with him I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars.

It is through America’s game that I have witnessed my son prove himself.

While I am running my Rite of Passage at home, it is when he turns failure into fuel for greater success that I see what I am doing is working.

We never know how we’re doing as parents, but there are moments where you look at your child and think, ‘You know what? This kid is alright‘.

Get involved with what your kids are doing. If my son wanted to build rockets, you’re fucking right I’d have a launch pad in my backyard.

Your life is not about catering to their life, but you have to ensure that you aren’t placing consumption of television over interacting with your offspring. You need to make sure you are raising them and not a screen or society.

Their education, training, and the perspective with which they view the world is your responsibility.

This is your child; not the government’s.

Do not sit back and think that state schools and sports leagues are responsible for the development of your child. That is your burden to bare and you must bare it with pride and limitless reserves of motivation and energy.

Never forget; your children are going to follow your example, not your advice.

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Creator of Life

When I had kids I knew my life had changed forever - I was fucking pumped.

When I had kids I knew my life had changed forever – I was fucking pumped.

This is a continuation of my Burden of Family post.

A friend of mine, the creator of the blog Unlocking the Crown recently returned home after his wife delivered triplets. We spoke a few times while his wife was sleeping still in the hospital and I could feel the masculine energy flowing through him. Here he was riding on X minutes of sleep, taking care of his wife, 3 babies, and everything else required to make the transition from hospital to home go as smooth as possible and when we spoke it was like it was just another fucking day.

Aside from my wife, he’s the only person who knows of my blog in my ‘real’ life. So, naturally we touched on the subject of masculinity and fatherhood. During the discussion he said something which inspired this post, he said is isn’t hard managing all of this because these are his kids and that’s his wife, and he was a part of making this happen.

Complete ownership. If you’re going to have kids then you’re going to have to fill the role required of you when the kids show up.

If you’re a father then you played a role in creating life and that means something. No matter how awesome or awkward and uncomfortable the sex was, you had it and a baby was the result. I don’t care if it’s with your wife or with a one night stand; if you played a role in creating a life, then you need to assume the responsibilities that come with the title Father.

You’re poor?  I don’t care.

You’re Young? I don’t care.

You’re really busy? I don’t care.

You didn’t want it? I. Don’t. Care.

You see, as a father I understand the magnitude that comes with raising a life in this day and age. I have two children, a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl and both are in the process of becoming productive, educated, intelligent, good members of our society.

I became a father because my wife and I chose to have a kid, then we did. We made the decision again, and had another; now we’re good.

There is no difference between what is expected of me, a 29 year old married man and the 16 year old boy who just knocked up his freshman sweetheart.

You do your fucking best. You remain as present as you can and you provide the necessities. If the mother wants to be a bitch about it then you get legal documentation which clearly draws the boundaries for time, supervision, requirements, etc.

I don’t live in a fantasy world where kids aren’t having unprotected sex, I know that it’s going to happen, I know right now some kid is hitting it raw dog and doesn’t know enough to pull out because it feels to good and in September he’s going to see a ball of flesh coming out of where he was cumming in.

My aim with this blog isn’t to fight teen sex; part of my goal with this blog is to provide a resource that will raise the standard of men who will then act as an example for the young men in their life. If you act like a masculine man then the boys around you will act like and become masculine men. When they purposefully or accidentally have a child, they’ll act as a masculine man does – complete ownership.

Single Gents

You don't need a Queen to be a King. You don't need a wife to be a father.

You don’t need a Queen to be a King. You don’t need a wife to be a father.

Had sex with the girlfriend or or one night stand and got her pregnant? She (you both) decided to keep the baby?

Cool, it’s dad time.

*Do not think that because you got this woman pregnant that now you have to marry her.

If it was a one night stand, you need to let her know to keep you in the loop. Maybe you’ll try and go steady and figure a way to become an LTR or maybe you’ll just stay in touch over baby things. Both are acceptable options, the key point is you need to know what’s going on with the baby. 

For the one night stand or girlfriends alike, ensure you’re aware of doctor’s appointments, any complications, preparations for where the baby will live, getting stuff together for the arrival, planning for names, etc. You’re a part of all of this and the best thing you can do is remain civil with this woman. You may not know her at all, start discussing family history, finances, plans, etc.

Don’t kick this can down the road even once, start having the conversations early and often. Keep her on Team You the last thing you need is this chick disappearing or turning against you.

Once the baby has arrived, make yourself a part of it’s upbringing. If that means every other week or whatever so be it, but make yourself a part of this child’s life from the onset and continue to do so throughout all the years.

Married Dad-Bod Beta Schlups

Fuck the Dad Bod - I fucking hate it and hate the men who make the population I am a part of (fathers) look like pathetic pussies.

Fuck the Dad Bod – I fucking hate it and hate the men who make the population I am a part of (fathers) look like pathetic pussies.

You’re the group that really needs the most work. I’ve seen fat, disgusting, weak dads ‘being one of the girls’ with the other moms at the football, baseball, and soccer games and practices I have led.

Understand this now, your child is going to follow your example not your advice.

Being out of shape, trying to keep up with the trends of society, having no hobbies other than sedentary TV time – is that what you want for your kid?

Your dead-bedroom or 1x a week sex life is pathetic, your wardrobe is pathetic, you aren’t happy even though you try to convince yourself you are, and your physical limitations due to poor health choices have you unable to raise your kids to becoming healthy productive embers of society.

When you have kids, you’ve removed ‘Zero Days’ from your life. You need to be the example from which they will measure their performance physically, educationally, spiritually, etc. Being a fat slob tells your kids that when they get married or have kids that they should get fat too.

Start trying again, get back to giving a fuck about life. Treat your wife like you did when she was your girlfriend, treat your children as pupils who you’ve got to to train for life, and treat yourself as an ever improving project that always has an aspect tat needs to be work on, honed, and improved.

Masculine Men

Lead your children through life

Lead your children through life

You’re on your game, you’re following your mission, you look good, sex is great, life is solid, and you’re pursuing improvement both personally and professionally.

The biggest concern I have with my fellow masculine brethren is that they get too Mission Focused grinding day in and day out to improve and raise their standard that they don’t make ‘family’ time a slot in their schedule.

Men grind day in and day out, trying to build their side hustle to something more. But, at what expense?

You can’t put your family before your mission, at the same time you’ve got to make time for them. Steve Jobs is an excellent example of this. The dude could have made his family a part of his mission and it probably would have benefiited him and improved his leadership skills. Instead, he disowned his daughter as she was an inconvenience to his pursuit of Apple greatness.

You need to follow your mission in life, but when you become a father you need to look at the opportunity cost and recognize that the time you invest in your child is not wasted time.

Make them a part of your mission and you’ll find it leads to you becoming even more efficient at leading your family. Get them on-board your plan and share your vision with them, let them see the how and why you do what you do.

When they understand why you grind you’ll find that they support you and defend you from others. Your kids will say my dad’s not here because he’s working on X. Or your wife will say, when some bitch tries making a remark on your absence, that at least her man has passion in life and is pursuing dreams.

They’ll support you if you make them a part of the greatness you’re chasing.

All Dads

Fill your role

Fill your role

There are too many children out there who don’t have a masculine father figure in their life. Having a blue pill ‘plugged in’ father is better than nothing, but a child will reach the fullest development when they are raised by the balance of the masculine and feminine.

Fill your role, be the child’s shield and spear, protecting it from the world while fighting off all who threaten it’s existence.

Similar to being in shape, 90% of the battle is just showing up. Show up, you’ll figure the rest out as you go. Keep piece with the mother and if that isn’t going to work then legally ensure your rights are represented and documented.

This child needs you, it’s time to step up brother.


I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.


Dads & Daughters

Be the masculine presence that shows her what a man is supposed to be and how he should act.

Be the masculine presence that shows her what a man is supposed to be and how he should act.

I am a fortunate man in the sense that I have both a masculine son and a feminine daughter. After I wrote Fathers and Sons, where I discussed how, “Your son is going to follow the example you set, not the advice you provide him.” I decided it would only be fair to write a post dealing with how to raise a daughter as a masculine man.

The way I’ve been raising my daughter is very similar to the way that I have been leading my wife. I fill my role as the dominant leader in the household (see: The Family Alpha), I establish and maintain boundaries, and I don’t take either of them seriously. I recognize that the example I set and the standard I maintain is going to transfer to her mind and when the time comes for her to be interested in boys, I don’t want her to end up with the obese guy who sits in his mom’s basement, beating off to porn, and wondering how long he can go between showers.

The best way a masculine father can raise his daughter is by showing her through your actions and behaviors what men are expected to do, be the shield and spear. You have to be the man she runs to because she knows you will protect her and you have to be the man she runs to because she knows you will attack for her. If she knows that you are there for comfort and protection, she will know that her man should provide that same level of compassion and desire to defend. If she knows that you are there to get anyone that tries to harm her, she will also know that when looking for a man she needs someone motivated enough and able to also, ‘get the bad guys’.

My wife and I maintain a standard in our house. We have the kids make their beds, brush their teeth, get dressed, use their manners, etc.  but they’re kids and sometimes that means that they are going to be little fucking assholes. When my daughter tests her boundaries she will normally do it to my wife as I shut her shit tests (they start early) down quickly. My wife, if failing to get my daughter to comply will ask, “Do I have to get Daddy?” Which is always answered with a quick and clear, “No” and then she listens. This is due to the fact that I am the overall disciplinarian for my family. I am the man who has the final say in what goes on in the house. It is important that you,as her father are fair handed in your decision making. She needs to see masculinity as the dominant NOT domineering ruler of a well run home.

Just because she is afraid someone will get Daddy if she misbehaves, it doesn’t mean you are always the ‘tough guy’. You also need to be the guy who is rolling around with her, playing games with her, and swinging her around. She is a female, just like your wife she needs to smile and just go along for the ride. Like your wife your daughter also needs to see both the alpha and beta behavior from you. Don’t try to be the fake alpha intimidating dad, women see right through it.

You know the type of dads who are all tough when it comes to dealing with 12 year old boys?

I’m gonna be cleanin’ my shotgun when that boy brings her back from that date, mmmhmmm.

You know what makes daughters have secret sex lives? Dads like that. You should, when she is of age, be the dad who has built the relationship to the point where your daughter can talk to you about boys. If you don’t want her seeking attention via her body, then you need to invest the time & attention with her to let her know that you understand she is a woman and that the door is open if she has any questions or needs any advice.

Your understanding of the female psyche from reading this blog and the rest of the Manosphere separates you from the average betafuck dad. You are aware of the solipsistic, hypergamous, hamster driven nature of women. In the same way you manipulate your wife, you need to manipulate your daughter. Get her to think about her choices by educating her with what you know. When it comes to instilling morals and values, understand that she is a woman and that she will act according to her biological nature. If you thought for a moment you could raise her the same way you raise your son, you have not been listening…


The Son & Daughter – Masculine and Feminine; just like the yin-yang they are very similar, yet completely the opposite.

Teach her to value physical fitness, confidence, reputation, a sense of purpose, and the social dynamics between men and women through your actions:

  • When she sees you spinning her mom around, she’ll take a mental note.
  • If she sees other couples yelling and arguing or her friend’s moms yelling and degrading dads she will take a mental note.
  • While her parents are laughing and teasing each other she is building the foundation from which she will develop her sense of roles and responsibilities in relationships and for masculine men and feminine women.

If you set the example and counteract the influence a majority of society is going to poison her mind with, then she will know that a woman can be submissive without being weak. Society has tainted the word ‘submissive’ and associated it with a pathetic weakling. By leading your wife to where she is happy and able to fill her complimentary role to your own, your daughter is afforded an example to follow that will lead to a greater sense of self understanding and an ability to better express her true biological nature.

While I believe that masculinity has been deconstructed and dismantled from society, I also believe there is an agenda to manipulate & destroy femininity. Women can’t be stay at home moms or say they are submissive because of the harping of ‘feminists’. This leads to a similar ‘repression of self’ that men experience. While the female imperative is pushing for women’s sexual freedom to know no bounds, they are destroying the natural aspect of women to ‘serve’ a dominant man. Feminists would never admit this, but they aren’t fighting  for anything resembling actual feminine nature or sexual equality. Nope, they are just harping for totally free access to everything and everywhere while trying to turn every man into a defenseless subservant.

If you can teach your daughter early that it’s OK to just be a woman in our society and that she should maintain  standard for herself and any man that she allows into her life, then you will give her a fighting chance to being a high quality woman.

Remember this single most important point. Your daughter is measuring these men to the bar you set. Every time you choose to be an unmasculine weak man, its another drop in her respect for men. She will view them(men) as weak. Do you want her to look for quality men? If so, then be her first impression of what a quality masculine man is, her shield and spear. If you do choose to set that bar at the highest limit, then you will know that the man she brings home looking to be your future son-in-law will have climbed to those same heights. If it’s good enough for you, then he should be good enough for her.

Acta, Non Verba
I write for free, but if you feel the need to compensate for the benefit this article may have provided to you in your life – I’d be most humbled and appreciative.