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Things That Men Do

There are certain behaviors which command respect, especially as a man. You may want to follow the narrative that gender is a social construct, but biology trumps modern feelings and there are behaviors exhibited by males in all species that lends them to being masculine actions. If you want to be the man women are […]

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Creating Your Slut

I created The Family Alpha for married men looking to reclaim or maintain their masculinity while being married in a society that wants you to be anything but strong and confident. How to Get (& Keep) Your Sex Life Alive Guess what, when you own that aspect of who you are as a man, you don’t […]

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Don’t Be A Predictable (Boring) Man

“You’re so predictable.” This phrase is a death sentence in marriage. A man who is living life according to his terms is a man whose wife cannot predict his every action. She may be able to predict that he will take the path of an authentic individual, overcoming obstacles rather than skirting them but she does not feel […]

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