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Bros, Dogs, & Beer

One of the earliest mistakes almost every new ‘unplugged’ man will make is that he will spew his confused, twisted, sad & angry emotions all over his wife. He will have come to the realization that up to this point he has been wasting his life and his wife is not attracted to the weaksauce […]

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 Are you a ‘Funny Fat Guy’?

If you haven’t seen the picture above, sorry for the rage you just experienced but I had to share it with someone. This photo has made its rounds on twitter (@TheFamilyAlpha) and the first time I saw it I immediately thought of something I’ve touched on before: The Funny Fat Guy. Unbeknownst to me at the […]

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A String & Some Polaroids

This past weekend I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail with a few buddies from my first deployment. As anyone who has gone camping with friends can tell you, eventually the subjects of conversation reach that ‘next level’ where things get deep. I had been touching on the surface of The Family Alpha with them, […]

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Balancing the Scales

Many men who are married or in long term relationships are turning the tide. They are reclaiming their masculinity and because of this their relationships are reaching new heights. As these men improve they are helping their spouse improve as well. So, not only is the quality of the marriage* rising but so to is […]

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Disrupting Class

QUESTION: Do you know what feminists and gender traitors really, really hate? ANSWER: When their position is questioned. I have learned through experience and the stories I’ve read on the Manosphere that whenever an ‘accepted’ belief is challenged, people get bent out of shape. As I lay awake, pondering what can be done to save masculinity both […]

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