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Mine Counter Measure: How to navigate & disarm waters filled with blue pill bombs

An unfortunate truth of our age is that a majority of men are unknowingly fully “plugged-in” to a reality which fully supports the female sex. Masculinity has been under attack for at least the past three decades and this in turn has produced generations of men who have completely repressed their masculine nature. These men, the ones […]

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Disrupting Class

QUESTION: Do you know what feminists and gender traitors really, really hate?ANSWER: When their position is questioned. I have learned through experience and the stories I’ve read on the Manosphere that whenever an ‘accepted’ belief is challenged, people get bent out of shape. As I lay awake, pondering what can be done to save masculinity both in […]

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Voice or Echo?

Are you a creator or a reflector? Original or Clone? Are you doing things your way or are you trying to be someone else? These are difficult questions to answer, especially if you haven’t killed your ego. You may think, “I’m marching to the beat of my own drum, owning my shit, and I am […]

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What’s Expected of the Masculine Man?

Some guys come to The Family Alpha much like those who come to their New Year’s resolutions. They are pumped, motivated, and ready to go then when they realize what is required of them, they quit. The idea of reading, applying, improving fashion or being in charge of your life is awesome, the application? Not quite as glamorous. But then […]

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Sex & Marriage

Replace ‘Love‘ with ‘Sex‘ and you’ve got a more accurate picture of what is needed for a healthy marriage. One of the most important questions that is asked when assessing a man’s marriage is: what is the quality and frequency of sex you are having with your wife. Is it nightly? Is she laying there like a dead […]

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