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Red Pill

How to Deal with Drunks While Sober

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Alcohol Creates a Real Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Scenario Boozing to excess is voluntarily taking part in a “temporary suicide”. “The buzz” you feel is literally you morphing into something else – leaving who you were behind until you sober up…   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Zac Small (@zacsmall_) This piece was inspired…

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25 Actions All American Citizens Need To Take In Preparation For What’s To Come.

By Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business
Everyone is telling you:   The Election Is Rigged The Press Is The Enemy Things are about to get much worse. We're Heading Towards Economic Meltdown. Reality seems like something that wouldn't even be approved for a Soap Opera script as it's just too unbelievable, yet here we are... The question needing to be answered is, What. Do. You. Do?‹   Some of...
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