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Red Pill

Balancing the Scales

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The Duality of man, he can both caress a woman and hold a newborn baby, then decimate his enemies. Many men who are married or in long term relationships are turning the tide. They are reclaiming their masculinity and because of this their relationships are reaching new heights. As these men improve they are helping their spouse improve as well....
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The Man in the Mirror

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Traveling the globe gives me plenty of time to ponder how to embrace masculinity in a feminized societyI've recently been afforded the opportunity to travel outside the United States for my job. Last month was my first real "business trip" and the first time leaving the country not on deployment. I took my journal with me and wrote quite a bit....
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Lifting is step #1 towards reclaiming masculinity

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If you dont believe in you, then why should your family? If you've decided that you're going to start acting like a man again, owning your shit, and leading your family, then you must start lifting weights.   Don't give an excuse as to why this is something which can be avoided, worked around, or cut out completely as you're bullshitting yourself...
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Dont Live Life Vicariously

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You have one life, one opportunity to achieve whatever you desire. Children are not a second chance. Do you want to write a book or get your degree? Then get started! The time is going to pass either way so you might as well do something productive that brings you closer to those goals during the passing seconds. I was...
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