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Meditation in Motion

Many readers on the “Manosphere” keep asking the same questions and a lot of writers keep providing the same answers with their unique take here and there. Guys unplug and then they’ll say, “I don’t know what to do”. They are angry yet they aren’t quite sure at whom or what specifically it is that angers them. […]

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Veterans Day Post

I am a Veteran, I served 8 years on active duty in the United States Navy. I’ve deployed twice, been to 5 countries, have over 600 days at sea, and I loved every minute of it (even the parts I hated I loved). This Veterans day I want to address a few things with my […]

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Credible Sources?

There seems to be this notion on the manosphere that certain men in certain life situations are completely incapable of providing beneficial or constructive information. I saw an engagement on Twitter between two men and it ended with one telling the other, “I’m not going to listen to your advice because you’re divorced”. Now, I’ll admit […]

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Stop being a Clown

One of the most necessary actions a man must take on his journey towards reclaiming his masculine nature is to accept reality for what it is and not what he wants it to be. You see, we all want the same thing. We want life to be easy, we want women to love us the […]

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