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The Man in the Mirror

Traveling the globe gives me plenty of time to ponder how to embrace masculinity in a feminized societyI’ve recently been afforded the opportunity to travel outside the United States for my job. Last month was my first real “business trip” and the first time leaving the country not on deployment. I took my journal with me […]

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Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

We have touched on the topic of having fun and the importance of remaining your own man time and again, yet sometimes I feel the message is lost. So it is important that as writers, bloggers, vloggers, and Fraternity Brothers that we refresh this message and remind guys that they need to be enjoying the journey as […]

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Your Mileage May Vary

Your Mileage May Vary, it is a phrase that I have seen often enough yet never has it been so profound than when I was forced to face the fact that men don’t seem to apply it to their women. I read a comment recently on Reddit: “Don’t be tempted to look for problems that […]

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‘PC’ Parenting is Straight Garbage

This piece has been in the works for a few weeks now. The reason for this lengthy ‘write time’ is I wasn’t exactly sure how I would be able to cover the concept of ‘Politically Correct’ parenting without breaking it into a ‘series’ of sorts. I’m not a fan of series, I write about a […]

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Dads & Daughters

I am a fortunate man in the sense that I have both a masculine son and a feminine daughter. After I wrote Fathers and Sons, where I discussed how, “Your son is going to follow the example you set, not the advice you provide.” I decided to write a piece dealing with how to raise a daughter […]

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Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re a man. Be thankful that for whatever reason you have decided to reclaim (or maintain) your masculinity. Be thankful that you have the tools and resources to no longer get caught up living the life society wants you to live and instead decided to live it on your own terms. […]

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