New Project: Spring into Masculinity

Beware the Ides of March: The warning fits the intent of this project. Mediocrity should beware, your former weak self should beware, complacency and comfort should beware, because at the end of this, they will no longer exist. There is nowhere for them to run or hide in your mind, you’re coming for them and … Continue reading New Project: Spring into Masculinity

Creator of Life

This is a continuation of my Burden of Family post. A friend of mine, the creator of the blog Unlocking the Crown recently returned home after his wife delivered triplets. We spoke a few times while his wife was sleeping still in the hospital and I could feel the masculine energy flowing through him. Here he was riding on X minutes of … Continue reading Creator of Life

Meditation in Motion

Many readers on the Manosphere keep asking the same questions and a lot of writers keep providing the same answers with their unique take here and there. Guys unplug and then they'll say, “I don’t know what to do”. They are angry yet they aren’t quite sure at whom or what specifically it is that angers them. … Continue reading Meditation in Motion