31 Days to Masculinity March 2018

Gentlemen, We're launching the next installment of 31 Days to Masculinity  and celebrating the one year anniversary of #MenofMarch on March 1st 2018. With each new installment the program has improved and grown. The last campaign was #DecemberofDiscipline and it had 220+ men working together throughout December to reclaim their authentic nature and enter 2018 … Continue reading 31 Days to Masculinity March 2018

First Guest Post on The Family Alpha: A Letter To The Loser (Written By Charlie)

A Letter to The "Loser" NOTE TO READER: This is the first guest post on The Family Alpha, and it was written by a man whom I greatly respect and take pride in hosting on my site. You would do well to heed the advice which follows below. As you begin reading this you're probably … Continue reading First Guest Post on The Family Alpha: A Letter To The Loser (Written By Charlie)

Finish Lines Are A Time For Reflection

There’s something to be said about the emotion associated with crossing the finish line. It’s a time where you’ve accomplished a goal, you’re elated to of achieved this objective; but, this is only one of many goals and it isn’t the “ultimate goal”. In the game of life, it is improvement and new experiences to … Continue reading Finish Lines Are A Time For Reflection

The Trident of Masculinity

Authentic masculine expression comes from the harmonization of the three different 'selves' which exist inside each man. These three aspects which comprise every man are: Physical Self Mental Self Spiritual Self Like any tripod these legs are all independent of one another yet are entirely dependent on the supporting strength the other two provide. This … Continue reading The Trident of Masculinity

Mentouring – A 21 Convention Review

First I have to give credit where credit is due, my wife came up with the term mentouring. While I wouldn't say that the speakers themselves are "touring" to provide their speeches, the event itself is literally touring the globe and speakers are coming from across the nation. The 21 Convention is an international convention … Continue reading Mentouring – A 21 Convention Review

Backwards Logic: Fat Edition

To think you can ignore a problem until it resolves itself is so backwards and illogical that if I hadn't witnessed it firsthand time and again, I'd never believe people actually behaved like this. Saying you love someone more than anything yet you're unable to directly confront them on an issue should show you that you do not … Continue reading Backwards Logic: Fat Edition