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The Family Alpha

Young Fathers Aren’t a Bad Thing

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Fatherhood has long been associated with maturity, responsibility, and stability. Becoming a father is peak masculinity: The base level is being a man; this is where you grow your strength, pride, confidence, and ego – it’s where you learn the hierarchy of men and develop irrational confidence while learning what your role is in the world and your family. This…

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It’s Important to Have Hope (II of II)

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(This piece was originally published on my Substack The Daily Draft with Zac Small, a new resource where I’m creating content that goes beyond the scope of Masculinity, Marriage, Fatherhood, and Sobriety which I’m keeping on here) You are who you’ve been looking for. Right now, everyone is searching for someone to believe in; I’m writing this to shine a light…

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Your Kid Is Not An iChild

By Parenting

Modern parenting comes with modern problems which didn’t exist when we (today’s parents) were kids. These problems didn’t exist, so we never developed a defense or awareness of what we had to look out for when raising our own children. If you’re a father looking to better focus on your relationship with your children, you need to break free from…

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Selfish Men Are Better Men

By Marriage & Relationships
Altruism has been deemed the "Ultimate Virtue" by individuals who seek neither responsibility for their life nor expectations of action at their feet.   The principles of your life and decision making process cannot be out-sourced to pseudo concern for the happiness of other people; Quitting all of your hobbies to be a "good" husband and father or allowing mainstream...
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