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The Family Alpha

What’s Expected of a Man?

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Life isn't about hiding from storms, it's about learning to dance in the rain. Some guys come to The Family Alpha much like those who come to their New Year’s resolutions. They are pumped, motivated, and ready to go then when they realize what is required of them, they quit. The idea of reading, applying, improving fashion or being in charge of your...
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2016 Book List

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Reading = Mental Fitness 'Two Souls Indivisible' - James S. Hirsch 'The First Salute' - Barbara W. Tuchman 'A Storm of Swords' - George R R Martin 'Ready Player One' - Ernest Cline 'Washington: A Life' - Ron Chernow 'The Obstacle Is The Way' - Ryan Holiday 'The Rational Male' - Rollo Tomassi 'Unbeatable Mind' - Mark Divine '11-22-63: A Novel'...
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Fathers Raising Sons

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Your son will follow your example, not your advice. I left active duty after a successful 8 year career not because I didn't like the military, but rather because I knew I'd rather be a quality and present father than a stellar sailor. Collecting a pension at 39 sounded like a solid plan and originally it was. But after my son...
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10 Ways to Keep Your Wife On Her Toes

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Marriage and Long Term relationships tend to get stale; that doesn't have to be the case. You can keep your relationship fresh or you can turn things around by taking a few intentional actions in your day to day. I shared this tweet and the response was quite positive, people were surprised that with the time we've been...
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