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A Serious Look for Serious Words

TFA Browser Image

The Family Alpha has undergone a transformation of sorts. Before I get into the post and the decision to make TFA ‘official’ I’d like to acknowledge the man who worked with me to make this possible. Both the logo and the banner are original works from Rollo Tomassi creator of The Rational Male and one of […]

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Smiling in the Rubble

I used to have a photo from my first deployment where I was covered in nastiness and I had the biggest smile on. I tell people I was smiling so much, while covered in stuff because I’d been up for over 48hrs working hard and I was delirious. The real reason, the one I only share with […]

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Meditation in Motion

Many readers on the “Manosphere” keep asking the same questions and a lot of writers keep providing the same answers with their unique take here and there. Guys unplug and then they’ll say, “I don’t know what to do”. They are angry yet they aren’t quite sure at whom or what specifically it is that angers them. […]

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Burn Your Ship

The most crucial aspect to reclaiming your masculine nature is committing to something with every fiber of your being. You have to want to improve and take responsibility for your life so bad that you’re willing to jump without knowing where you’ll land. You have to put yourself in a very vulnerable position where you’re […]

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Mine Counter Measure: How to navigate & disarm waters filled with blue pill bombs

An unfortunate truth of our age is that a majority of men are unknowingly fully “plugged-in” to a reality which fully supports the female sex. Masculinity has been under attack for at least the past three decades and this in turn has produced generations of men who have completely repressed their masculine nature. These men, the ones […]

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