Take Action Today

Apply the knowledge you’ve gained for a tangible improvement in your life

I want to share some things that I’ve found have brought immediately positive results in regards to calibrating the mind and helping to bring the wide world of the Manosphere down to bite size bites.

As the saying goes, “The only way to eat a dinosaur is one bite at a time depending on how long you’ve chosen the path of weakness you may have a huge mound on your plate or just a few bites, either way the only way to finish your task it to take it a bite at a time.

But that’s the thing which trips so many up, they never actually take any action. They never put in the work, they keep talking about the plight against masculinity, they keep talking of SJWs, and the feminine imperative, but their life stays exactly the same.

What’s the point of knowing all of this if you aren’t going to apply it to your life? You’ve got to put the work in to receive the benefits of knowing reality for what it is and not for what so many want it to be.

The goal is to improve you, set the example you want your family to follow, and to attain the standard of relationship you have always desired.

Actions To Take Right Now

Action #1 – Face Your Goals: Write down six goals, three short term (less than 6 months) then three long term (greater than 6 months) then under each write down two actions you are currently taking to achieve those goals. Write them down and recognize you need to take specific actions to accomplish them.

Action #2 – Training vs Exercise: Moving for the sake of movement, lifting without a program, doing things just to do them and expecting progress towards your goal is inefficient and ineffective. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can find programs that will allow you to track progression and know exactly what is required of you for that day. I never go into the gym wondering, “What will I do today?” I always have a plan of attack and that plan comes from a thought out program designed to get me to a certain goal in a certain amount of time.

Action #3 – Understand That Women aren’t Men: Stop expecting your wife to think and act like a man. Stop holding your wife to the masculine standard. Have you forgotten that she is a woman? Take this action, look at her and remind yourself that all of the feminine parts that sometimes annoy you are exactly why you married her! She is complementary to your life as wife, mother of your children, and lover; she is not one of your brothers.

Action #4 – Do not let ‘Worry’ impede progress: You want to dance but you’re worried you’ll look dumb? Are you worried that you don’t belong doing Olympic lifts? Are you worried you’ve missed your opportunity to take charge of this life and become the man you were meant to be?


We do not have enough heart beats in this life to live with worry and regret. Yesterday I started dancing with my daughter in the middle of Target because she heard a song she liked. Who gives a shit if people watch, if you’re confident in yourself, you’ll convince others that whatever it is you’re doing is OK.

Action 5 – Read a Book: Buy a book, find a book you have and haven’t read, or download one to your kindle. You need to develop the entire spectrum of your ‘self’, that means dedicating time to the Trident of Masculinity which requires physical, spiritual, and mental fitness.  You keep meaning to, just do it. Reading and self-education is an immensely important part of self-improvement. So stop kicking the can, but it, read it.

Apply these actions today, thank me later.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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