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How to Get Over a Toxic Past

Growing up the way you did may have set you down the wrong path before you knew there were any alternatives. For those looking to turn things around and course correct the direction of their life, this piece is for you. I did not have what you'd call the most optimal of childhoods; there were serious traumas dealt my way…
January 7, 2021
Addiction and Sobriety

5 Reasons It Was Time To Quit Booze For Good

There comes a point in most "drinkers" lives where they ask themselves, "Do I have a problem...?". Everything you read on 'Alcohol Free' blogs will tell you that if you're asking the question, there's a reason but I'm not going to take that approach. Instead, I'm going to share five reasons I got sober and you can decide if you…
January 5, 2021
Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business

25 Actions All American Citizens Need To Take In Preparation For What’s To Come.

Everyone is telling you:   The Election Is Rigged The Press Is The Enemy Things are about to get much worse. We're Heading Towards Economic Meltdown. Reality seems like something that wouldn't even be approved for a Soap Opera script as it's just too unbelievable, yet here we are... The question needing to be answered is, What. Do. You. Do?‹   Some of…
January 3, 2021
Marriage & Relationships

Three Ways to Have a Stress-Free Marriage

The first step to a stress-free marriage is recognizing that relationships, especially the daily interaction type, are going to have stressful moments and that's okay; it means you're growing.   When you marry someone, you do so knowing that who they are now is not who they'll always be. You are going to grow as a man, she is going…
January 2, 2021

How to be a better parent than your parents were.

Not everyone was raised in a stable home filled with light, love, and peace. Many parents and expecting parents come from the opposite and want to be better than their parents were and these new parents or parents to be are terrified of repeating their hell. This piece touches on how you can break the cycle and end the pain…
January 1, 2021