Thanksgiving 2015


This Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re a man.

Be thankful that for whatever reason you have decided to reclaim (or maintain) your masculinity. Be thankful that you have the tools and resources to no longer get caught up living the life society wants you to live and instead decided to live it on your own terms.

You are an enlightened individual, you are now able to look over the storm that is your woman’s mind and see it for what it is, enjoy the view from above. You are no longer in it brother.

You now have access to hundreds of others in the Fraternity of Excellence as well as Craig and I on this blog. The resources are growing year after year.

Be thankful that there are other men out there with the same goal as you, to maintain their masculine identity throughout marriage and fatherhood. Appreciate the words they voluntarily share online and through their writing. Appreciate that while you are walking your path alone, that you are not alone in this struggle.

Men are throwing ropes and our brethren are climbing out of the abyss.

As you think on the many reasons you have to be thankful this Thanksgiving, consider the flip side of the coin. Your appreciation is for those who have given, are you paying your dues?

Are you playing your part in being the example for others to follow, the beacon of hope that let’s other men know that marriage doesn’t have to suck? Are you helping other men discover what their mission might be?


Be the beacon through action

I hope every man that reads this post is Thankful that they are alive and able to take what they want from this life.

Growing older is a privilege which has been denied to many.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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