The Boundaries of Blind Binary Bros.

“Social Media Sites Create illusions of connectivity.” 
― Malay Shah

Your internet life is not real, do you know that?

I like the quote above because it highlights the fact that there are people out there who have 10,000+ followers online yet they feel completely alone and isolated in the “meat world“.

The issue here transcends simple connectivity, we’re in an age where social media sites are creating an illusion of power.

I sent an email (Get on the list) a while back about how binary thinking is destroying our ability to relate to one another as it’s 0 or 1, there’s no moderation any longer.

Example: If you’re a Trump supporter it means you’re a literal Nazi and if you’re a Democrat then that means you want babies to be killed. People leave zero gray, it’s black or white.

Sounds crazy (it is) but that’s what is going on in our society and how people are treating one another.

If you watch THIS VIDEO you’ll see an adult male telling a 14 year old kid, with his family, to Fuck Off because he is wearing a MAGA hat.

A red hat wearing teen provoked an adult to swear at him at his place of employment.

The dude thought, I can say whatever I want in this moment.

Now, did he step back and go through any sort of decision making process?

  • Is this appropriate to say to a child?
  • Could I be fired for this?
  • Is this red hat kid someone that should be told to Fuck Off?

Of course he didn’t or he wouldn’t have been a fucking asshole for no reason to a damn child.

Online protection is not present in the physical world.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Meet The Blind Binary Bros the men who don’t see boundaries any longer because online nobody can hold them accountable.

I believe that we’re going to be seeing a lot of this in the future; people blatantly disregarding all social respect and being outright douche-bags.

It starts with the guy working at Vans but soon it’ll spread to waiters/waitresses refusing to serve individuals, transportation (Bus, UBER, Lyft) refusing to pick people up, and ultimately it’ll come down to direct conflict where authority figures are shaming specific group and targeting them for attack.

I don’t want this to happen, but the writing is on the wall.

We live in a world where people can troll online for hours and hours which of course that is going to warp their perception of reality. They are untouchable behind their screen for 8+ hours a day every day and then when they have to enter the “real world” for work, to eat, etc. their mind still views them as untouchable.

They will say and do things they would not otherwise have said or done because in their head, they’re still online.

The line between electrons and atoms are blurring.

These people no longer understand that there are consequences to the choices made.

If a man swears at my son and I punch him in the mouth, he will genuinely be surprised and play the role of “victim” because he did nothing wrong; he’ll believe that because in his mind he was a NPC and how dare someone engage with an NPC?

Except in the real world, you have to face conflict from those who refuse to back down.

Online you can run your mouth but in the real world, there are people who don’t just “sign out“.

Protect yourself from these individuals and understand, this is a problem which won’t be going away anytime soon.

Be prepared to stand your ground wherever you’re at.

Take Action and Take Care,

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