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As of 11/11/22, Zac Small and George Bruno have officially separated from 21 Studios, 21 Convention, and Anthony Johnson under amicable terms. While no longer a part of the organization, we still support and recommend the convention due to the professional content of the speakers as it is a net positive for men.

The 21 Convention is where I began speaking, became a key note speaker, led 6 man+ panel discussions live multiple times, and where I played a major role with creating the Patriach’s Convention geared towards family men. While I am no longer associated with the 21 Studios Brand or Convention, I’d like to thank all of the speakers and attendees whom I was fortunate enough to cross paths with along the years.

Getting to meet my fellow content creators in person was always a good time and seeing men who’d attended year after year with improvements in their lives each time was one of the most satisfying aspects to my work online.

I wish the speakers and attendees of the 21 Convention the greatest of success heading forward.

Catch my Patriarchtype Speech Here:

If you’d like to keep in touch or to continue forward with the work I am doing, you can find me inside the Fraternity of Excellence and if you use the code FOE25, you can save 25% off every membership level for a limited time. I look forward to seeing those who choose to invest in themselves join us inside the FoE walls where men are forging real bonds by putting in real work. FoE is not an “online community” as we have men meeting up in person weekly with full Fraternity events multiple times a year.

Again, thank you to everyone whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years.

On to the next chapter,

Zachary Small

If you’d like to donate for the value I’ve delivered over the years, use the link below and thank you in advance for your support of my mission:


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