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Decide This Day

The quality of a man’s life and the legacy he leaves behind is the cumulative consequence that results from the culmination of his decisions.

It’s often lost on today’s men, but the life each of us has is precisely the life we deserve. This truth is a tough pill to swallow for some. For others, it’s a message of liberation.

For once a man rightly recognizes that he is both the problem and the solution to his discontentment he can shift from being the former to becoming the latter.

Too many men today are refusing to accept the reality that the condition of their life is of their own doing. The lives of these men are insufferable as a result.

Their wives barely have sex with them. Their bodies are fat, weak and emasculated. They’re emotionally unstable. They aren’t earning the money they desire. They have no overarching mission in life.

They have a deep resentment of who they’ve become. Their spirits are restless because they’re suppressing who they are as men.

These conditions are common and debilitating, yet they’re nothing more than a series of poor decisions coming home to roost.

The plight of the average man is insufferable. He’s mediocre and he knows it, a ‘victim’ within a culture of rampant consumerism and cheap substitutes. Sports, porn, video games, junk food and alcohol consume his existence.

He is his own worst enemy.

In today’s episode on The Family Alpha Podcast, I have a message for those who are in the throes of the negative consequences they’ve been dealt by their decisions and are ready to take ownership over their circumstances.

There’s no time like the present to reverse the course being set by your actions.

Actions are nothing but a manifestation of decisions. Decide this day to be the man your convictions compel you to be – and do so without compromise.

Listen in and be liberated, brothers.

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