The Final Piece Of The Puzzle.

It’s with a happy heart that I hit the keyboard to write the final piece ever to be published on this blog.

I’ve been writing here since 2015, it’s been my haven to store thoughts and take ideas out of my head to be assessed and broken down externally, by myself and my loyal readers.

I’ve given this my all; I’ve spent hours on the phone with men needing someone to listen, answered thousands of emails, written, recorded, gone live and at times strained relations in my family for the betterment of my fellow men.

I’ve missed baseball games, I’ve missed dates, I’ve missed cookouts, school events, and sleep with the hope that I’d be able to help another man save himself.

During it all, I always said I’d go out on my terms.

I did it when I left the Navy, walking away from the service at the apex of my career.

While I wouldn’t say I’m at the apex of my writing career, I will say that I’ve amassed a loyal readership, am making enough money to support my family even during a global pandemic, and this website, without any ads, is getting consistent views and shares.

Will this have a financial impact on myself and my family?


Is what I do about the money?


I’ve always said that men need to put their balls on the line and live authentically, I have years left of TFA and Hunter Drew to make cash; so why start all over?

Why go back to Square #1?

Because I’m a man who believes in himself; I can build it again and I’ll do so on my terms, with my name, and I’ll either succeed and grow beyond anything I could have done with TFA or I’ll crash and burn; either way, I’ll have gone out on my terms.

The Family Alpha was born out of pain.

Like many men, I’d gone through relationship issues and I needed a place to get away to sort the thoughts and decide on what my next moves would be.

My next chapter will be born out of love.

Yes, there will be a next chapter…

The new blog is being created as we speak as is the new podcast, the difference will be me stepping away from the chaos and echos that currently exist.

I’ll be writing as myself, not Hunter.

Men evolve, it’s the nature of humanity, we grow and we change as individuals and anyone who has any issue with what I’m doing needs to look in the mirror and not at me.

I’ve always struggled with the pen name, those closest to me know this has caused inner turmoil for years now.

I hate that there’s a book on Amazon that has the name of my “alter ego” and not myself.

In fact, I’ll be pulling the book and editing so if you want a signed copy, there are literally only 7 left that have the signature of “Hunter” in them. DM For Details

I’d created the pen name because I was in the military, then stuck with it because writing about Red Pill truths would get you socially black-balled, then I pursued federal service and didn’t want employers thinking I wasn’t “PC” enough and firing me, and finally last June I walked from the job and the ticking time bomb was initiated.

I have always stood by my words and will continue to do so except now, my friends and family can see where I’ve been all this time. I’ve made great friendships and had amazing experiences entirely due to my work on this blog.

Now I can combine my online world with the real one.

If my work has brought any improvement to your life or you just want to say thanks for the years of free advice, content, and mentoring you may do so here Say Thanks.

To those who do, thank you very much. Everything I’ve achieved has been because of the support, brutal critique, and advice offered by those who’ve followed my work.

None of this would have ever happened without you; I’ll be forever grateful for that. I’ll also never forget the many men who took life by the reigns and turned everything around, refusing to give another day of their life away instead taking ownership against what seemed insurmountable odds to ultimately become the man they should have always been living the life they always wanted to have.

You gentlemen made it all worth it.

TFA won’t be deleted, men still need these words and I’ll leave them to be found by those searching; instead it will remain as it is now, forever.

I always said I’d end it on this note; I always said I’d never write what my readers wanted but instead would speak on subjects I wanted to tackle; nothing was ever off limits on this site.

I wasn’t kidding.

I close this chapter without regret, knowing I did it my way.

Readers, it’s been a great ride; I hope to see you again someday under a different name.

For the final time, I hope you continue to Take Action and Take Care,

If you’d like to support the work I’m doing or donate for any benefit it may have brought to your life, the best way to do so would be via one of the means below.

Thank you.

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