Pathway of the Preaching Patriarch

For the past 4 years I’ve based my entire message online from the perspective of developing the family man.

Some others have risen up in recent years, though when I started blogging it wasn’t this way, I was one of the very few family focused “Red Pill” themed writers out there.

It’s definitely fair to say that with there being a fatherhood focused event (21 Con: Patriarchs) I’d found myself at the peak of being able to deliver this message to the masses and I was able to be doing so live.

You’d think the speech would be quick and easy to flow from the mind, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth; there is so much to say and I had 45 minutes to say it, so after almost 4 years of writing what does the Family Alpha speak about when his moment comes?

Let’s talk about it.

Below is a breakdown of the image above, the speech given when the mic touched my hand. I wrote it from the heart and focused on what I felt was most important in that moment.

The Speech

3 Years & 7 Months Ago (Anthony/Rollo/Ivan)

As of me taking the stage in Orlando for the Patriarch Edition I’d been writing on The Family Alpha for 3 years and 7 months. In that time I’d risen to heights I’d never dreamed of and I always kept in mind that I didn’t do so alone.

The only reason I’m involved with the 21 Convention at all is because Rollo Tomassi put my name forward in 2017. If he doesn’t vouch for me, I never speak and never receive the first standing ovation of that event which I believe solidified the decision to give me the green light.

Speaking of giving the green light

It was Anthony Johnson who makes the ultimate decision as to who takes that stage.

Anthony is the one who gave me the platform to speak from and ever since we met in the meat world him and I have been good friends. Between our affinity of the word FUCK and the fact that he took me into his home and shared food and drink while we shot Sons of Patriarchy – Anthony has had my back and in return I’ve planted the TFA flag behind what it is he is doing.

Then there is Ivan Throne.

The only reason I exist online today is because of a 0100 conversation I had with him at the 2017 21 Convention.

You see, I’d planned to delete “Hunter Drew” and everything associated.


Because I was struggling to balance online and real world, I thought I wasn’t needed, and I was tired of the barrage of anti-marriage/anti-family messages being received from men.

The feminists were bad enough, but the men, I figured, “Fuck it, I’d done my job and now I’m going back to my sex filled and joy filled marriage – nobody will even notice.”

Then came Ivan, a man I now view as my big brother; he came rolling in with a very serious message which I’ve paraphrased here:

You are a lighthouse.

You are a beacon in a dark world.

If you leave, the men who needed to hear your message said your way will crash on the rocks and be lost in that dark abyss forever…

You know it.

You cannot unsee what you have seen and you will know for the rest of your life there is 
blood on your hands.

The message is needed.

By men.

By wives.

By sons and daughters.

You can save these preventable casualties.

Or you can leave.

I cannot make you stay, but I hope you do.” – Ivan Throne

Ivan is the only reason I am still online.

Again, I was 100% decided that I was going to delete when the ball dropped leading us into 2018.

I was going to disappear from the electronic world.

If anything I have ever said or done has had a positive impact on your life, it is because of Ivan and since choosing to remain online the emails saying, “You saved my life.” have continued to come in.

They are heart wrenching, yet they highlight the point made.

I’m not going anywhere.

We need more lighthouses, more beacons in this dark world to help those lost at sea.

Tanner: Rugged, Refined, Rakish, *Patriarchtype*

Next came Tanner Guzy, while the three men above were recognized as having a major impact on my professional life and development, Tanner made a personal impact.

During the same 2017 Convention as Ivan’s speech to clear my head occurred Tanner sat me down along with his wife and a few of his friends and said, “So when is this going to be your full time gig?“.

It’s like a freaking fire lit up in my mind, wait a minute – do this full time?

How does that work?

It was Tanner who planted the seed which I began to water. I’m humbled to say, this June I will be walking away from the 9-5 and I have you, every person who has liked, shared, and supported my work monetarily to thank for making this possible.

I thank each of you for dedicating your valuable time to what it is I’m trying to build.

I also have to thank Tanner and his Lady for taking that dinner to have that discussion. Also, the many, many, many questions being answered and advice being given since then in DMs.

I told you, we don’t get anywhere alone and having a man like Tanner in my inner council has made this dream possible. I still don’t believe it’s true, yet I will never forget sitting at that table, across from the Guzy’s receiving what would become life changing information.

Your type is how you interact with society

Tanner was also the foundation from which I built the cornerstone of my presentation; the Patriarchetype came from his archetype quiz when it comes to style.

I remember looking at how he breaks down the three style classifications and discusses that the way you present yourself is the way you interact with the world and also, the way the world interacts with you.

I was thinking on what brings fathers together; what qualities do we share and from this line of thought I realized that every father is unique, yet there are certain universal truths shared among all men who’ve reproduced and thus, the idea of there being a Patriarchetype was born.

Patriarchtype is how you interact with your family

The universal truths shared by men who are leading families are doing so from a position where, similar to the refined man or the rugged man, come from a place where a specific image is being displayed and from that, a response is being given.

For the Patriarchetype, it isn’t the way he engages with society, it’s the way he engages with his family and it is not the way society responds in kind, but rather the way his family responds.

Our women and children are a reflection of who we are as men. There is no greater indicator of a successful and determined Patriarch than to look at the performance of those whom he is leading.

Not all one or the other: Man, Lover, Father

This is where I drove the main point home.

Like every archetype there are sub-categories from which decisions will be made. For the Patriarchetype the decision making process goes in the order of the pyramid.

The base is the man, from there the lover, and lastly the father.

Another way of saying this is that, You can be a good man without being a father, but you will never be a good father if you are not good at being a man.

  1. The man is irrationally confident, driven, and following a mission.
  2. The lover lives passionately, creates life, leads a balanced home with his woman, and shares his vision for those who follow. He never deviates from his mission as that comes before all else.
  3. The father leads the lives he has created, shares the “why” behind the “how“, and offers presence to those who carry his name with the knowledge that his morals, values, and standards instilled will outlive him. He leads his sons and daughters through example of shared vision and passion while showing what a man on a mission looks likes.

The father is a lover and before that a man.

Never allow this tripod of self to fall out of balance, never place your love or legacy over your mission lest you lose all. The man who is all three towers over those who cannot fill each role they are responsible to play in life.

Invest time at the expense of self, never with the intent of self-sacrificing your way to happiness.

The Patriarch must give selflessly, it is necessary for the development of those he leads. The caveat to this is that it is not his selflessness which brings joy and purpose to his life, it is but another aspect of leadership.

  • Coaching your children will bring joy and possibly communal respect – it will not inspire attraction.
  • Living an intense sex life will not create disciplined children.
  • Pursuit of your mission at the expense of all else will cause a loss of trust and presence of family.

Placing others ahead of yourself in every endeavor does not make you a “good guy“, it creates a shell of a man who has no value as he has given it all away with the expressed covert contract that he will, win out in the end.

If you cannot make yourself a priority and instead choose to base every decision off placing others ahead of yourself, you’re going to be the loser finishing last and nobody needs a loser in their life, they need a leader.

You cannot make your children or your lover your priority, you must balance their development with your own which means at times, you place yourself first.

Instill values which will outlive you (Let them grow)

No father wants his children to leave his home, at least I don’t.

I love that my children need me. I love being the hero who chases the bad guys away and the man they want to make proud.

I also understand that as a father it is my duty to raise children who become functional adults and that the way I raise my children is the way they will raise their’s.

To put it bluntly, it is my duty to raise children who will not need me.

That sucks.

That is necessary.

We need to teach our children why we do what we do, not just how to do it.

Our children are going to follow our example, not our advice so we must set a proper standard for them to witness.

This means bringing them with you wherever you can so they see how you interact with others. It also means your words and actions must be congruent.

Kids can smell a LARPer faster than Rian Stone.

Your children will reach the heights based off the foundation you build. Whether they develop a castle of self or a hut, that’s up to you and the presence you instill, not the presents you buy.

Never assume people know what you’re thinking

There are quite a few men who unfuck themselves and find that their family begins to do the same.

It is critical that these men reward those they are leading with praise.

If you wanted your wife to dress more feminine and then she does put on that nice sun dress vs leggings, let her know how proud you are.

Same for your children, friends, family, etc.

When people do the thing you want them to do, reinforce that behavior with positive results and they will associate that choice with positive responses.

People don’t know what you’re thinking so don’t let your family ever be the people with the “Dad never said he was proud complex.” – let them know.

The Patriarchtype – We’re the last line

Ask yourself, who else in society has a greater incentive to ensure the future is not a toxic apocalyptic shit-hole than fathers?

We have literal skin in this game.

If fathers are not willing to stand up and be the wall protecting future generations then we are doomed.

Unfortunately, many fathers have become to weak minded and too physically soft to be a wall and thus, their offspring is destined to fail or need rescuing by the Fraternity of Excellence, the Red Pill, or the ‘Manosphere at large which requires a shit ton of “Re-Work”.

We can avoid preventable pain and heartbreak by simply educating fathers on the importance of the role they play thus having them instill the proper values, morals, and skill-sets in their children from the onset.

I don’t expect the pleighboys to care if the future is great or crumbling, they only need to look out for themselves.

Fathers though?

You bet your ass I expect to to bear your burden of performance, you’re a Patriarch, ensure there is a future where your children are thriving.

My son’s story

At this point I shared that by committing to Patriarchs I’d missed walking with my boy in the opening day parade (I coach his baseball team), team photos, and watching my son take the mound under the lights with the town watching.

Any other 21 Convention and I’d have flown down a late to not of missed that moment, but this was Patriarchs and here was a moment where I had to prove the mantra we so often tout, our mission comes first.

I had to do this, but I’ll be damned if that missed moment was a waste.

Here is where I basically threatened the audience with a lifetime of shame if they had me miss that moment with my boy for them to hear me speak and they then do nothing with my words.

Men are sacrificing time and energy for the development of their fellow man. It is on the recipient of that time and energy to do something.

Listening to a speech is not good enough, every man in attendance must take that fire home and use it to fuel action and create lasting positive change in their lives.

If that happens, then the moment was worth it.

For the men who attended, I hope they know how serious I was about that and for those reading this re-cap, I hope you understand how serious I am about this:

Reading these words will do nothing for you except make you a well read man.

You have to do something with the knowledge. I’m dedicating time right now to your development while I could be relaxing with my woman.

Take action.

If you want first access to the speeches when released, before the public gets them, look into joining 21 University.

It’s basically Netflix for men who want to do things with their lives and get access to a vast array of subject matter experts.

Your first month is free and if you choose to get on the paid plan, all of the money you pay goes directly to the man who makes these events possible, my good friend Anthony Johnson.

Basically, 21 University is a funnel to the 21 Convention.

The hotels, equipment, staff, and security does not pay for itself so supporting 21 University means you’re supporting the 21 Convention which is a convention that stands in the face of Main Stream Media as a whole – a company for men by men which is helping to change men’s lives for the better forever.

Join 21 University

Acta Non Verba,
Hunter Drew


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