Rise Like The Phoenix

In order to rise from the ashes, you must first create them by burning the lie to the ground.

In order to rise from the ashes, you must first create them by burning the lie to the ground.

What I do on this blog is try to help men see that there is a different way to live. I try to let them see through theory, personal example, and a motivating call to arms through electronic text that they do not have to accept the cards that have been dealt to them.

I try to get men to flip the poker table scattering those cards, Breaking the Mold, and realizing that they’ve been the one in control the entire time, they just didn’t know it.

We are the source of all our problems, we’re also the solution to them

At some point, every emasculated man handed his power over to others in his life.

This may have started in elementary school when he was told his hyper activity was a negative, that his his competitiveness was a negative, that his aggression was a negative.

It may have started in high school with his first girlfriend while he tried to be the nice guy he was told women wanted.

It may have happened when he married his girl thinking that was his mission as a man.

It makes no difference when the power was lost, all that matters is that it is reclaimed Now.

It’s time for you, the man reading this blog who has a tight feeling in your chest to make the decision to take it back.

Yes, I am talking to you.

This isn’t a fun game for me, it’s very personal. I want more than anything for you to reclaim your true self and to stop hating your life and those in it. I want you to be happy and find joy in every moment you have, but I can’t do it for you and as much as I wish I could, it wouldn’t work if I did.

This has to come from the innermost depths of who you are as a man. You have to choose to embrace the ‘self’ you’ve repressed for so long. You have to commit from your core, from that fire inside which burns every now and then as it tries to escape before your repress it back down.

Your masculinity never left, it’s just been smothered under layer after layer of acts and statements which went against your true desire and feelings. Every time you did what you thought you were supposed to do vs what you wanted to do you added another layer.

Recognize that today could be your last day on this Earth; this morning could have been the last sunrise you’ll ever see, did you truly see it?

I get it. You’re pissed because your entire life was a lie up to this point.

The woman you loved, the friends you have, the family they were all a part of this machine which was designed with the sole purpose of stripping you of what makes a man a man, his masculinity.

Don't suffer from self-hate a moment longer, you are your problem, but you are also your solution.

Don’t suffer from self-hate a moment longer, you are your problem, but you are also your solution.

I’ve received hundreds of emails from men who were near the end of their String of Life, do you recognize any of their stories?

  • Divorced and your ex took your kids and your cash?
  • Girlfriend lied, cheated, and broke your heart?
  • Woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and for the first time in your life thought of killing yourself?
  • Wife send messages to another man telling him she wanted to do things with him that she’s never done with you?
  • There’s a void in your heart?
  • Self-hate in your mind?
  • Abusing substances to numb the pain of being who you are?

The list goes on, but you get my point, there are a lot of reasons to just say fuck it.

But, you found this blog, the manosphere, and have made the connections and come to the conclusion that all of this was your fault and it lit a fire in your heart, stomach, mind, and soul.

Good, let it burn.

The ashes are needed; the entire frame the world built and forced you into needs to be burned and swept into a pile of ash.

From that ash The Phoenix is going to rise.

You are that Phoenix.

You are the man who is going to climb out of that pile of disintegrated lies, comfort, the framework of others, betrayal, and expectations.

You don’t have to go through this alone as there are men who are working together to create a community which exists for the development of themselves and their fellow man (The Fraternity of Excellence). There is also a program designed to help facilitate this destruction and re-building of self (31 Days to Masculinity).

When you choose to burn it down and rise from the destruction you are choosing to face the raw, brutal, unforgiving nature of the world. Reality is not comfortable, you must find comfort in the discomfort of it.

Fly. Let your expression of masculinity act as an example for others to do the same.

Fly. Let your expression of masculinity act as an example for others to do the same.

You must choose to live and flourish in a society which hates you as a masculine man.

Like the Phoenix you must take flight and recognize that there’s nobody in the world quite like you, you are powerful, you are focused, and you are walking this path Alone

Remember, just because you’re walking the path alone it does not mean that you cannot walk it parallel with other men. Reach out if you need to talk.

Create your own reality; rise from those ashes and build your own frame in place of the pre-existing one. Develop a sense of self, an identity that is forged entirely by your own hands. Do not use the previous example as a guideline, fuck that guy you do you.

Whatever that new ‘you’ is, you need to own it. You need to live a life that is genuinely yours.

Brother, I meant what I said, you may not live to see the New Year; I may not either. If I were to die after this piece, I’d have no regrets. I have loved fiercely, lived hard, and immersed myself into the now throughout it all.

There’s nothing left undone that I’m not ok with leaving undone, can you say the same?

I've chosen to hang Polaroids on my lifeline, have you?

I’ve chosen to hang Polaroids on my lifeline, have you?

  1. Is there something you’ve wanted to say to someone?
  2. Is there a place you’ve wanted to get to mentally, a place of joy or of truly loving yourself?
  3. Is there a moment you’ve wanted to have with someone; a wife, friend, lover, family, child?
  4. What is it that you’ve hidden from the world due to fear of judgement and being ostracized, do you want to share it?

Commit to this process and your life will never be the same. If you do choose to embrace your masculinity and rise from the ashes, you must Burn Your Ship on the shore, there is no going back, there is no retreat to your previous self; he’s ashes and you are no longer the ‘him’ everyone else created. You are now the ‘self’ you choose to become.

Fly like the Phoenix, reclaim your position in the world as the King of all Beasts. There’s no reminiscing, the past is gone and you do not have enough breathes left in your life to sit around angry at what could have been. Let the ash blow away in the wind, you’ve got work to do.

Live now, live hard, and live fiercely,

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • RedPillPusher087 says:

    Terrific writing.
    How can I contact you by email ?
    I have a short story to share but the details would dox me easily.

  • Max Panzer says:

    Find your Mission in life. Write it down and put it before all else – for there is no better way for a man to live. No matter what flak life throws at you stick to your Mission and press on. Day in and day out don’t stop and never quit. As Hunter says, you will rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix. You will add weight to your character, focus and momentum will propel you forward and you will soon be cutting through each day with a vengeance.

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  • Tom says:


    I believe you are sincere, but I disagree with you. Being a man in today”s society is deliberately sabotaged. Feminism is as much a ploy for our conquer as the Federal Reserve Act. If a man Pisces off his woman, she can lie like a rug and the man will usually lose. I have fought this fight since I woke up at 3 years old, “We named you Tammy, but you came out a boy, so we changed your name.” I.will spare you the litany. Legally, a man is a lesser participant.
    I came up in feminist land. I followed Mark Twain”s lesson from, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur”s Court.” I am divorced, no kids, and I have always yearned for kids, for family. I.speak 3 sentences a week, “Hello,” “No.” (I don’t want to pay ten cents for a grocery bag), and, “Bye now.”
    I discovered I have been a conservative all along, with a Democrat voting ticket. I am discovering conservative women, but I don’t think conservatism will trump the legal system. If a woman wants to fcuk a man, he”s screwed.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan. My loose plan is to move to Eastern Europe, where it is socially acceptable, older man, younger woman, marry, live on U.S. pension in a place where my dollar goes far, save for a U.S. house, paid cash, kids, and establish a ‘husband as leader,’ family pattern, not dictatorship. If she is good at a task, she can be in charge of it, but if we are in a dark alley, threat perceived, my directions are obeyed immediately, no question.
    Anyway, I have read a couple of your essays, will continue on. I do not see, given the laws, and the complete dominance by women and feminists of the judicial, how a man can assert his manhood without a, “Honey?, Can I…”

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