The Suicide Solution – Part Three: Finding Peace in Purpose

Finding Peace in Purpose

For a man whose life in the present lacks meaning and purpose, his future can only be viewed as a vast insufferable chasm of hopelessness and chaos from which he can never escape. With little perceived reason to look forward to the future, and every reason to detest its inevitable arrival, the darkness of depression and suicide easily envelops him.

Men need challenges to pursue, dragons to slay, because we have a deep-seeded desire to conquer. We thirst from the anticipation of attaining plunder that is rightfully ours as a result of our masculine conquest.

We slay the dragon; we get the voluptuous virgin princess.

Modern men, however, find themselves steeped in the ruinous consequences of living lives devoid of conquest.

Instead, they attempt to scratch this itch by living vicariously through the conquests of other men. It’s like trying to steal the princess without going through the requisite challenge of killing the foreboding reptilian beast that guards her.

Unbeknownst to them is the unfortunate reality that to take the princess in this way only robs the knight of having the bride he truly desires. He will only be resented by his princess who will nag and compliance test him into oblivion. For it was a courageous hero she was yearning to be rescued by; not a coward.

You don’t take the risks, you don’t get the plunder. Period.

Vicariously observing how other men are living lives of victory doesn’t give a man meaning or satisfy his innate desire for conquest. Yet, it is through these counterfeits that men today are investing their time, energy and hope.

Men spend their days watching other men “get the girl” in porn flicks, reading best sellers about other men building successful businesses, listening to podcasts of men living the kind of life they want to live, and playing video games to experience a sense of accomplishment.

It’s all mental masturbation used to provide quick, low-risk hits of dopamine off the backs of what other men are doing, while they aren’t getting the girl, closing the deal, living adventurously, or building much of anything for themselves in the real world.

This isn’t living a life of purpose. It’s living a life that seeks every opportunity to numb the masculine drive inside that beckons a man to take risks in the pursuit of unleashing his deepest convictions on the world.

Numbing this masculine drive stamps out the sense of purpose that would otherwise follow in its wake.  This widens the void of living a meaningless life and invites suicidal thoughts to flood inside.

Men living purposeful lives don’t consider killing themselves.

They have no reason to and every reason not to.

It’s impossible for a fully rational man to be committed to living out his life’s purpose while also considering taking his own life.

Purpose is the antidote for curing the disease that is male suicide. But purpose isn’t something that can be given. You must find it.

Purpose is revealed by committing to improving oneself in order to unlock new doors of potential that allow you to continually inch closer to crafting the life you yearn to attain for yourself.

Get in the gym. Eat well. Be well groomed. Gain control of your financial destiny. Upgrade your masculine style. Learn game. Be humble enough to recognize you need God and other mortal men to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

These are the foundations, brothers. Mind them well.

Instead of contemplating suicide, men need to stop merely dreaming of building a life of success and adventure and go build it.

If this is striking a nerve inside, understand that nothing is keeping you from an exciting and fulfilling life but yourself – and your lack of action.

Start taking right action – action that is in alignment with your convictions as a man – and your purpose will quickly come into focus.

As it does, any thoughts of suicide will be cleansed from the foggy lens that’s blurring your vision and preventing you from seeing the vast array of potential that surrounds you.

– Craig (@MasculineDesign)

Check out more of Craig’s content on his website: Masculine by Design

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