The Walking Dad

The Walking Dads are growing in number day by day

The Walking Dads are growing in number day by day

I’d like to make it clear from the get-go, I have never seen a single episode of The Walking Dead.

What I have seen is enough commercials and people who love to talk about it so I have an idea as to what the show is about. Keeping that in mind, when I think of The Walking Dead and try to relate it to the world we live in, what I envision is all of the fat men who are wandering around Target holding their woman’s purse. All of those brain dead Dadbod zombies who are going from consumption to consumption.

You know the cycle:

  1. Guy wakes up late
  2. Eats crappy food
  3. Consumes bitter coffee
  4. Climbs into vehicle and listens to commercialized music
  5. Heads to a job that he hates
  6. Does that job for 8 hours
  7. Goes home and needs to “relax”
  8. Wastes rest of night scrolling Facebook looking up girls from high school
This photo has always disgusted me, it was the beginning of my understanding of how far men have fallen.

This photo has always disgusted me, it was the beginning of my understanding of how far men have fallen.

Repeat this for years…

  1. At no point in this daily cycle does this man generate a thought of his own.
  2. At no point does this man think, “hey, something isn’t right.’ He might get the feeling, that hunch of ‘something’ being wrong, but like all of his masculine tendencies, he bottles that hunch up and shoves it deep down, way beneath his love for Lena Dunham.
  3. At no point does this man, who has had kids, think, “Maybe I should get involved in raising the standard of my children and their standard of life and self.” You see, his son has no idea how to be a man as his dad is more likely to support him dressing up like Hillary Clinton than teaching his son that boys and girls are not equals and his daughter has had a toxic example of what relationships are supposed to look like for so long that she thinks in marriage the man is supposed to be a weak doting buffoon.

Gentlemen, we don’t need to watch a TV show on AMC to get our zombie fix. We have real world walking dead (dad) all around us.

It is with the greatest misfortune that a majority of these walking dead are walking dads. It is as though as soon as a man reproduces his brain becomes numb to any internal or external stimulus which will invoke passion or masculinity. It seems that the only motivation that sparks up is that of consumption.

Dads consume baby gifts, TVs, Beers, cars, houses, shitty clothes, and gym equipment which is never used (If it’s bought at all).

Ask any father you know whether he has read to or with his kid in the past month and you’d be hard pressed to find one who can say yes.

Ask one of the dads you know if he has brought his son to the outdoors or a gym to teach him something about the world or the beauty of physical strength; I doubt you’ll get a yes.

Fathers have become fat & sad jokes of society - become the solution to this problem.

Fathers have become fat & sad jokes of society; be the solution to this problem.

Ask a man if he’s ever had a conversation with his daughter about the importance of strength and smarts as opposed to physical beauty for advancement in life, do you get crickets?

Now, ask the dads around you if they know who A is from pretty little liars. Ask them if they know all the lines from Family Guy or The Simpsons. Ask these men if they’ve got the newest phone or their wife has the best iPad and I’m sure they’ll be pumped to tell you how fucking cool their gadgets are.

These “men”, they truly believe in the weak mantra of Happy Wife Happy Life

What can we do to fight these plugged in zombies?

Drop the cure of masculinity here and there via being a living example of what’s possible. The men in the Fraternity of Excellence are doing exactly that, they’re working together to become a living example of what ‘right’ looks like.

The solution to this epidemic is not to cut the heads off the zombies; but rather, to offer the cure. Some of these men are lost causes, do not expend too much energy on their behalf; if a man wants redemption, it won’t take much of a push as they’re already on the edge.

The cure for this zombie apocalypse is masculinity. Raw, powerful, lifesaving masculine power is what will cure these zombies, it’s what will kill the Walking Dad.

It’s not just fathers, but the point remains that married men with kids are the hardest hit group of men out there. They are the population I have found myself a part of (Married with kids not walking dad), so it’s the group that has received the most of my attention. We need to act as examples and lay some lines here and there that inject the truth of reality into these lifeless souls.

Maybe it will enter the blood stream and cure the individual or maybe it will dissipate and the zombie will continue to live its perfect weak consumer lifestyle it has up to this pathetic point.

The consequences of being one of these ‘Walking Dads’ goes way beyond having a dadbod and being afraid of conflict.

The progression of demasculation

The progression of demasculation

Let me paint a few pictures to illustrate the vast range of consequences that come from being a part of the Walking Dads:

  • Dadbod zombie is walking down the street with his daughter who resents him, son who despises him, and wife who hasn’t been attracted to him for the past 5 years. They come across a group of thugs who view them to be easy pickings as the dad is an obvious pushover and the rest of the family is oblivious to the threat as they haven’t had a masculine leader to prepare them for the evil of the world.

Wife loses purse, husband and son get broken jaws, and daughter is traumatized from threats of thugs.

  • Hillary Clinton wins election and an entire city erupts in rage as the system is rigged and the population can no longer bottle their rage at this, so riots rip through the city.

Walking dadbod doesn’t know what to do so he sits inside with his girls and cries by their side. Days go by and still, nobody assumes the role of leader to help the family out of this situation. They live in the city, the streets aren’t safe, the stores are closed, and it’s going to be another few days before it’s safe to leave their property. The family suffers, everyone is emotionally drained, and lack of preparation devastates them for the rest of their lives.

  • Dadbod comes home to find his wife fucking another man. He is the poor pool boy who makes minimum wage, yet he is shredded and confident as hell. Wife says, “What? I needed a real man and we haven’t had sex in months.” Of course beta zombie husband has wanted to sleep with her, hard. But it never came to fruition as he was a nice guy and nice zombie men don’t force sex.

Now he tells her he will take her back and he is sorry for not being the man she needed (See: Cuck).

  • Walking Dad shuffles his soft fat ass into the Dr’s office where the family Dr. tells him that his heart is starting to fail and if he doesn’t take immediate action he is going to die before he’s 55.
  • His T levels are checked, he’s at 420
  • Zombie man has to watch his kids play in the ocean while he wears a shirt, has to watch his family zip line while he hangs out below, too heavy for the wires, and has to sit on the sideline while the rest of his family have amazing experiences because he lacks conditioning, strength, and is too heavy to go on any ride.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop because it really sucks to write this; these things keep me up at night. This is the reality many men are facing and it’s depressing. Too many men are nothing more than walking wallets to their wife and kids.

It’s time to make a change gentlemen, it’s time to take back what has been stripped of you, your balls and masculinity.

Draw a line in the sand, today.

Right now draw a line in the sand and say, “It ends here

Who do you think you should be? Who do you think your wife wants?

Who do you think you should be? Who do you think your wife wants?

Start by refusing to reward failure; do not allow others to disrespect you or your opinion on certain matters.

Make your voice heard.

From there, earn the loyalty and respect that is taken by masculine men. Get control over your nutrition, grow some muscles and strength by getting your ass under the iron. Start running and doing bodyweight exercises, and add in some reading.

Remember, mental fitness is as important as physical so make time to train your mind while you’re training your body.

Fix your sex life, your wife is a woman and needs you to be a god damn man, step up.

Sure, it sucks that you’ve been a doormat for the past X amount of years, but those years are gone so reclaim your role in this family in the here and now.

Would you fuck you? No? Then why do you think your wife should?

Would you fuck you? No? Then why do you think your wife should?

If you’ve made it this far then you are now presented with a choice. You can choose to reclaim your masculinity and live life as a real man or you can join the growing population of the Walking Dad.

Choose wisely, if you aren’t with masculine men, then you’re against them.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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  • The Walking Dad | constrainedlocus says:

    […] Source: The Walking Dad […]

  • An unpleasant truth, but a very important message nonetheless for modern day men and fathers.
    Men are failing. Their wives, their kids, and most importantly themselves.
    We have allowed ourselves to become sick and debilitated.
    Then derided, ridiculed and humiliated.
    As a man nobody gives a fuck about you. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to take care of you first – get to the gym, lift weights, eat right and unplug from that goddamned cell phone/ipad/TV.
    Get the fuck out under the sky, the sun, the waves.
    Mount that motorcycle of yours and ride.
    Like the cowboys of old.

  • BA73 says:

    great post.

    Recently found the red pill/alpha stuff online. I don’t know how it took me this long. My marriage has been poor last few months, so it’s like a call to arms.

    I’m jumping down the rabbit hole.

    thanks for writing this blog.

    • hunterdrew says:

      No problem man, I love hearing that the message of masculinity is spreading.

      Remember, you’re doing this for you – not your marriage.

      The only way to fix your marriage is to fix yourself.

  • Losingdadbod says:

    I have a serious dadbod and, not surprisingly, my wife has zero attraction for me. I need to get my eating under control, lose weight and lift. It will take awhile to get get rid of this dadbod. During that time, do I keep initiating sex with my wife knowing that I am a fat weakling that she finds unattractive? Or do I acknowledge that I wouldn’t want to be with that kind of body either and back off initiating until I drop weight and muscle up?

    • hunterdrew says:

      Just because your body hasn’t caught up doesn’t mean your mind has to lag.

      Keep the irrationally confident mentality, keep gaming and flirting with your wife, and remember to have fun.

      The weight will fall off so long as you remain focused.

    • I’m on the same journey as you.
      I lost 10 lbs within one week by heavy weight lifting (free weights) and 30 minutes of HIIT, 4 days a week, then stripping out diet colas and fast food for lunch, and replacing it with water, meat and fresh vegetables. I’m already down 25 lbs within 4 weeks time, and I feel a lot less tired, and just….happier.

      I’ve re-learned that it doesn’t take much for the male body to respond. I’m in my 40’s. Testosterone has roared back to be my friend again.

      Just be patient, slow and consistent. Don’t be impulsive.

      Same as you, I hesitated to initiate as a still overweight “work in progress” on this journey – partly out of fear of rejection, partly out of fear of creating another unnatural obligation within her that would stoke more resentment and disrespect.

      Strangely, once I placed lifting 1.5 hrs/day 4 times week as a top priority on my schedule, I have not had to initiate at all. Her response sexually has been favorable and more frequent, to say the least.

      Some guys do need more time than others. And I’ve had to shut down that “blue bill greatest hits playback” in my brain that said my masculine sexuality is an imposition on her and should be placed in the trunk. If it were an imposition on her (in most cases it isn’t), even after improving my health and physique substantial, then there’s probably other issues I will have to work on. Or the issue maybe her.

      Not a comfortable notion, I know.
      I can only put it this way: Today I feel more ready mentally and physically to leave her and move forward in life, if I must.
      While I “feel” this way, but I’m still not sure I believe it.
      Then it turns out my girl, maybe even only subconsciously, might already believe it, and is responding accordingly.


  • redefiningrachaelblog says:

    Hi, I just happened to stumble across this post. It really resonated with me which may or may not be surprising as I am a woman. I look forward to sharing it with my husband. He is naturally alpha, but I think this would serve as inspiration to truly embrace it vice being made to feel guilty for it by society’s standards. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  • Rox says:

    On the subject of fathers, I’m hoping you can give my fiancé and I some advice. I’ve been lurking on RPW and MRP for this past year after finding Ian Ironwoods blog. My fiancé and I have been exploring ways to help him learn to be more dominant in our relationship and me to be a better soon-to-be-wife. I have read The Surrendered Wife and am constantly reading RP related material. He’s been reading MMSL slowly, and he has MAP, which he hasn’t started yet. One of his stumbling blocks to the RP concept is that he says “he doesn’t want to be a dick like his father”, who was critical, controlling, condescending and frequently emotionally abusive. I would like to help him see that being the leader in our relationship does not mean that he needs to be anything of the kind.
    Can you recommend another book that would help him resolve this issue? I don’t think “No More Mr Nice Guy” applies to him. Do you know of any others?
    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us.

    • hunterdrew says:

      I don’t have any books I’d recommend, obviously my blog is what I feel works best as it’s what works for me.

      Your fiance needs to just live, as do you. It isn’t about being ‘RP’ or not ‘RP’ as who gives a shit if you’re ‘Red Pill’?

      All that really matters is that you & your fiance live a life that aligns with how you want it to operateand not how society has told you it should operate. Having daddy issues is not very masculine and something that should have already been dealt with and moved on from. Being a masculine man isn’t being dick, telling your wife what to do without listening to her input is being a dick.

      So long as he s dominant and not domineering, there’s no emotional abuse to be had.

      Get him onto the blog, let him ask the questions.

  • Jim Johnson says:

    “Happy wife, happy life”…..I am going to go out on a limb here. I believe this statement.

    Problem is, the modern feminist notion on how to create a happy wife is 180 degrees out of phase. The “yes ma’am” attitude that they teach men will never make a woman happy. She does not want a subservient schlub to serve her, she wants to serve him (although won’t admit it) I come home on days when the place is cleaned up, dinner is made, etc. and she is pleased with herself, and pleased with my reaction.

    What she wants from me is not coming home to serve her, she wants to be wooed, she wants me to fulfill my role as husband and father, not as and “equal”, but as a leader and protector. She wants the alpha male with high SMV. Only then will she be happy.

    • TheFamilyAlpha says:

      You’re 100% correct, but so few understand this that it isn’t worth me explaining the exception which does indeed prove the rule.

      • Jim Johnson says:

        Yeah, I tried to explain this on RooshV the other day, Got a very negative response until I went back to explain myself in detail. Untwisting long held truths can be a pain.

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