Why Do I Write?

THIS is why I write

This is why I writeMen are literally dying over the issue of repressed masculinity and nobody seems to care. I understand men are disposable, it’s the way of life for our species. We go to war, we give our lives for those we love,  and our society favors the feminine imperative over the male, but that does not mean men should simply be ignored.

I’m sick and tired of seeing men being told to sit down, shut up and color.

I write to fight back.

I write so that maybe a man comes across a piece of mine, a photo, or a tweet and when he finds himself at rock bottom, instead of taking his life he reaches out, knowing there is someone who gives a shit about his existence.

We live and we die, that is also a fact of life, yet we can discuss it to the end of our days.

I say we can also discuss living as men and swapping notes in the internet lockerroom talking ways for guys to express and not repress who they are and what they represent in any manner that we please.

If what I say bothers you, stop reading.

I will neither change my message for views or money, nor will I stop writing under the threat of doxx or personal attack. These words need to spread, they need to be thrown to men like a rope and if the man sees that rope, then he has a chance to climb out of the hole he is stuck inside.

Acta Non Verba,

Hunter Drew

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