Will You Respond When Your Number is Called?

When Your Number is Called

We live in a dark world.

While life can be exhilarating and beautiful, it can also be tragic and hideous. Being the man and alpha leader of the family means being prepared to act when danger enters the familial sphere in which we lead. It’s part of the burden of a family.

For most men (dare I say all men), it isn’t a matter of if their number will be called to respond in a moment of truth, a moment when the preservation of oneself or another life they’re responsible for protecting is on the line. It’s a matter of when.

Are you prepared to respond in the face of imminent danger, even if it means laying down your own life in order to save those depending on your protection?

Can your wife and children trust that you will be willing and able to rise to the call to protect them in a moment of truth, when seconds matter and the stakes of failure are great?

There are far too many men living with false confidence in their ability to protect their wife and children. They binge on action movies and live vicariously through the lives of other prepared men believing that when the moment comes they’ll instinctively spring into action like their heroes.

This may be the case, but what if it isn’t? Only a fool would be willing to gamble the well being of his wife and children on the off-chance that he’ll respond well when faced with an unknown and unexpected danger?

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Our military men, law enforcement officers, and other emergency responders train relentlessly so that when their number is called, chaos surrounds them, and there’s no time to think, they’ll swiftly act from muscle memory.

Perhaps most importantly, those who train for tumultuous situations make no question of who’s in charge in the heat of the battle. The chain of command is clear.

When it comes to the home, the husband and father is the CEO and Commander in Chief of his family.

In a time of panic and chaos his family must know that he is in charge, his direction is to be followed, and that following his direction will lead to the greatest chance of success (or survival).

Hunter’s number was recently pulled and this clear chain of command made all the difference.

It was his time to prove his mettle as a man, to show himself capable of leading and protecting. The life of his son, Koda (8), was literally hanging in the balance.

After 3 months since releasing a new episode on The Family Alpha Podcast, today we return to manning our stations behind the mics to recount what happened to Koda, how Hunter responded and the lessons that can be gleaned from what was an intense sequence of events.

This will be a convicting story and message for many masculine listeners. Let that conviction motivate you to start doing that which is necessary to prepare yourself and your family for when the dark world that surrounds us rears its ugly head.

Use the media player below to listen to this latest episode of The Family Alpha podcast:

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– Craig

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  • Jerry says:

    Remember, Cops only show up after the crime.

    • Craig James says:

      Well said. When help is needed in seconds the cops are still minutes away. We must be self-reliant when it comes to self-preservation and the preservation of our families.

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