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Your relationship with your wife is as unique as a snowflake (unlike your wife)

Your relationship with your wife is as unique as a snowflake (unlike your wife)

Your Mileage May Vary, it is a phrase that I have seen often enough yet never has it been so profound than when I was forced to face the fact that men don’t seem to apply it to their women.

I read a comment recently on Reddit:

œDon’t be tempted to look for problems that aren’t there. Don’t just go with the flow of “she’s a bitch” that you hear so often around here. Yes, AWALT, and yes, most of the men on here have shitty, entitled, shallow, western wives; we have a good cross section of culture here. But some are less shitty, entitled, and shallow than others. The phrase “YMMV” is the most understated one around these parts. “ Alphabeta49

Nobody else in the entire thread had mentioned it, I hadnt thought it, and the original poster may not be aware that everything he is reading is anecdotal, biased, personal opinion, n=1 advice.

While I assumed every man is aware of this, Ive learned the hard way never to assume anything and assuming was exactly what I was doing here and it definitely mae made feel like an ass.

After I read that quote from AlphaBeta49 I took my hands from the keyboard and sat back thinking, Fuck, hes right, this guy has to remember that this is his life and the choice must be 100% his.

We all have a unique relationship with our women. Reading my blog or the other forums and blogs on the Manosphere will arm you with more information than you could have ever hoped for at any other point in history. We have everything we need at our finger tips. The issue I am seeing and am addressing in this piece is that you need to take that information and apply it to your specific situation

I have written about what works for my wife, what kind of environment Ive fostered, and how I parent. None of this has been written for men to copy action for action and word for word.

I created all of this content without any template. There was no Manosphere when I was married. I didnt have The Red Pill, no Rollo, or Illimitable Man it was just me knowing what I wanted and then working to get it.

Thats what I want you to recognize, you have to lay your own foundation and take the advice as a sort of recommendation and not a specific direction. Your wife is a beautiful, sexy, feminine creature until you recognize that and remove the harpy, nagging bitch labels and resentments youve made youre never going to understand what she is capable of.

Here are a few factors I want you to think about when you read relationship advice on the internet.

  • Your failed performance
  • Your wifes history
  • Your mission in life
  • Personal Kinks
  • Responsibility

Your failed performance

One of the first things you need to factor in when working to get the most from online advice is assessing where you have failed to lead and to live a masculine life. It isnt until you remove your ego and take a look at reality, a look at where you have screwed up and are continuing to screw up your life, marriage, and ability to pursue your mission as a man.

Only when you can see your shortcomings will you be able to overcome the damage youve done.

Basically, you need to stop digging down; dig up!

If you have failed to keep up your physique, hit the gym. This is actually one of the universal laws of The Red Pill as well as step #1 to taking ownership of your life and self, you must lift heavy weights. This is not just for the aesthetics either its for the confidence, discipline, destruction of instant gratification and development of appreciating long term commitment and hard work.

If you have failed to maintain your fashion sense (or you never had it) its time to develop your style. How you go about this is up to you. Find someone you respect and emulate their style until you find your own. Dont copy anyone; we need voices, not echoes.

Two men I follow for fashion teachings are:

Tanner Guzy

Well Built Style

If you have failed to lead your woman and/or children, start inserting yourself into those decisions. If your wife asks, œWhat do you want for dinner? Give an answer, give your honest answer and skip the ˜I dont know/care routine, its weak and both your wife and all the masculine men you know are sick of it.

The same applies to your professional life, finances, and mission in this life start taking ownership of all of it.

Your wifes history

If your wife was on the CC before you got to her, so be it.

At some point you didnt care and put a ring on her finger. Dont expect her to have sex with you the way she had sex with them.

You have to get over your ego and any resentment you hold over her past, she is your wife and if you want the best from your wife youve got to cater your message in a manner that will get her on board and supporting your growth and decision to take charge of your clan.

If you screw this step up and take the approach of ˜Im the man and I am in charge after being a weaksauce dude for x many years you are going to have a woman who is going to fight you tooth and nail because she does not respect you, she does not agree with/understand your vision, and ultimately she does not trust you to be able to handle the role of the Family Alpha, Leader, King, etc.

She’ll view you to be a weak bitch she resents and she will continue to view you this way until you go back to your role as beta provider or your marriage ends.

How do you most effectively and efficiently reclaim your role as the leader of your family? You gradually, with your wife, go over your vision and game plan for your clan.

You let her know that you recognize that you were a pussy and that you are done being that type of man. It doesnt have to be some sort of ˜Coming to Christ moment with all sorts of dramatic one liners and shit, just let her know that you see what is going on and that you are going to fix it.

Let her know what your goals are for your self, the finances, the direction the family is headed. Make her a part of your team, boost her ego if you need to in order to get her on board. You can say youre glad she was able to step up when you lost your way and that youll reward her behavior by giving her a husband all the other ladies are drooling over.

Make it fun, make it a team operation and most importantly, make sure you are playing towards the history you have with your wife. You know what she likes and what she hates, cater the message and your vision to accommodate those things. Dont be afraid to make her angry, but if she has always had a hard time with finances, dont go in guns blazing telling her its her fault the finances are fucked, because all of the failures are yours.

Remind yourself of that when you want to rage at her or your kids, they are who they are because you failed to lead them and make them better.

Kill the ego.

Your Mission in life

Your wife cannot be your mission in life, neither can your kids, your family, or your friends. You are the only one you will spend your entire life with. You are the only one you can count on, no matter what; and you are the deciding factor on how much you get from this life.

When we say, YMMV that includes when we discuss following our mission.

I could tell someone that they could sacrifice sleep to achieve their goals. To me, that means sleeping 4 hours a night in order to reach deadlines, for someone else, that may not be enough. Instead of writing to me telling me Im going to ˜lose my gains, crash my car, be unproductive & not mentally capable of writing (real messages Ive received) you could just cater the message to your own situation. Instead of aiming for my four hours, figure out your own means of better managing your time.

How far you get on this road of life is entirely up to you.

How far you get on this road of life is entirely up to you.

Just because others were able to lift, read, and write at the same time you may not be able to do that, so slow down and take the smaller, yet permanent steps. If you can only read 20 pages a night, so be it. This is your mission, walk your path. If you arent into lifting weights or mens fashion, then cater the goals to what your mission is.

Maybe you want a climbers body, or maybe you want to be a painter, or maybe you dont give the slightest of fucks about fashion.

You Do You

Remember that you need to cater the message, not ignore it.

You have to care about your physique and you have to care about your clothes. The world judges you on your looks and so does your wife. You dont need designer labels, you just need a functional wardrobe that has purpose. If you are wearing shitty graphic Ts and sweatpants, what message is that sending?

Each piece of clothing should have purpose in the same manner that every lift should be done with purpose.

What is your purpose in life? What is your mission?

Personal Kinks

Im not going to beat around the bush on this one. There seems to be two benchmarks from which success is measured when discussing sex in marriage.

Blowjobs and Anal.

You need to understand something right now Your kink is for you.

If your wife never gave you blowjobs or anal prior to you reclaiming you authentic life, there is no guarantee that she will after. Some women have shitty gag reflexes, others think anal is disgusting or that their ass is an exit only whatever the reasoning is, your kink may not be the same as your wifes and vice versa.

While fantasies may differ, a sexually active relationship is a win for everyone.

While fantasies may differ, a sexually active relationship is a win for everyone.

Recently I spoke with a guy who was having a hard time after his wife told him that she wanted a MMF threesome. He was distraught, emasculated, and paranoid thinking his wife wanted some other man.

I told him that if he were to judge his wife or make her feel embarrassed, then she will never share her inner most self with him again. I recommended he read my post Creating Your Slut and to recognize that it was on him to own everything about his wife, to include her kinky nature.

I did not recommend he have the MMF as there is no fucking way Id let any man touch my wife, but I told him to know that she has fantasized and found him to be man enough to handle that information. He messaged me after saying that he implemented a few ideas from my post 10 ways to keep your wife on her toes and he was able to grow his relationship sexually with his wife: win-win.


It is 100% your responsibility to figure out your mileage.

Cater everything you read to your situation and know those whom you lead. Know your wife and use that knowledge to your advantage. TheRedPill is accurate, it works, and the application is universal. The RedPill doesnt fail, you do; its your poor application that leads to your poor results. If you want to get the most from your journey to authentically masculine living, you must be a voice, not an echo you must cater the message to fit the people you are dealing with.

Take Action and Take Care,

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