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Adults Aren’t Meant to be Lonely

In today’s world, many people have a lot of friends online, yet often feel alone. Social media provides only a superficial level of connectivity, which is harmful to those who rely on it for social interaction. The secret to true connection is physically interacting with people you meet online, as meeting in person provides a deeper sense of knowing someone. Video chats and facetime are good substitutes, but they do not match the energy and connection of meeting face-to-face. Despite this, people are becoming averse to meeting up in person because it’s easier to socialize with the click of a button.

This problem is even more pronounced in the COVID era. People are connected to thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter, but they still feel isolated and know that their “friends” would not help them in a crisis. Social media removes us from our responsibilities as friends, leaving us only with connections who wouldn’t do much for us in return.

Making Friends Is Easier Than You Think

To make friends in the real world, we have to put in some effort. It’s easy to make friends as a child, but today’s adults have made it more complicated. By making an effort to talk to people who share your interests and asking them out for coffee or a walk, you can make lasting connections.

It’s important that if you’re to use social media as a filter to meet people in real life, you ensure you’re connecting with genuine folks who align with your morals and values. By getting to know someone online and finding out about their interests, you can determine whether they are someone you would like to meet in person. Once you’ve established a connection, meet them for a drink or meal to get to know them better. The key is to focus on growing your network of trusted individuals, rather than your follower count.

Your real-world should always be your priority over the online world.

– Zachary Small

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– Zachary Small

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